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Fancy a sandwich?

sandwichesToday we have been looking closely at the ingredients in some different sandwiches. We thought about which food groups each part of the sandwich came from and whether it was healthy or not.

What is your favourite sandwich? Do you prefer it on white bread or brown bread? Are the ingredients in your favourite sandwich healthy or unhealthy or a mixture of both? Which food groups do your ingredients belong to?

Let us know and you could get yourself a signature 🙂

Let’s start off with something to get our teeth into!!!

teeth and eatingHello Year 3, welcome to the blog!!!

For the first half of this term we are going to be studying teeth and eating and looking at the big question ‘Is 5 the magic number?’

I have opened up this post so that you can tell me anything that you find out about teeth or healthy eating, any questions you would like to post for other members of the class to try to answer (or we could look at them in class) and to see if you can provide an answer to the big question – especially after we have done some class research and learning!!!

So what are you waiting for? Get blogging… 🙂