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This week we are timeline experts!!!

DSC04449 DSC04450This week we have been very busy with our Ancient Egypt topic. We have travelled back in time to see just how long ago Ancient Egypt existed.
We went outside and made a human timeline to look at BC and AD dates. We then produced a timeline that included lots of different key periods in history.

Can you find 3 different dates for important periods in history and blog them to us? e.g. 1914 – 1918 was the First World War (WWI)

We have gone back in time!!! (Posted by Eve and Bobby)

This week in Year 3 we have learnt lots of new things about Ancient Egypt. We watched DVD clips about 5 different areas of Ancient Egypt – Time and Place, Food and Farming, Everyday Lives, Buildings and Pharaohs and Gods.

Can you post 2 amazing facts that you now know about Ancient Egypt from our learning in class so far?

There will be a raffle ticket for anyone that posts 2 CORRECT amazing facts!