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Which shape am I?

shapesIn Numeracy this week we have been working on shapes, looking closely at prisms.

Using the following clues, can you guess which shape I am?

The first 6 to answer correctly will win a signature each!

I am a 3D shape.

I have 0 vertices.
I have 3 faces.
I have 2 edges.
You can see three 2D shapes on me (2 of them are the same shape)
Which shape am I?

Namaste Year 3!

hinduThis week we had two very special visitors in Year 3 as we had our Hindu Faith Enrichment on Thursday. Ken and Anil were fantastic at giving us lots of information about the Hindu religion and they gave us many things to think about and learn in very fun, interactive ways.
I thought that maybe we could share some of the facts that we know on our blog – there will be a signature each for anyone who posts an accurate fact so get thinking (and remembering!)