This week in Year 3 (Posted by Eve and Natasha C)

globeIn Year 3 this week we have done lots of Geography work. We have used globes and atlases to find different continents, countries, cities and capital cities.
Can you name 3 countries in Europe?

We have learnt about the difference between weather and climate and we have used the BBC website to begin investigating different climates over time.

We have also been producing story paths for the main events of the Wind and the Sun story. What was your favourite part of the story and why?

Please join us on the blog to answer our questions. You could also add your own questions for other people to answer.

22 thoughts on “This week in Year 3 (Posted by Eve and Natasha C)

    1. Well done Libbi, those 3 countries are in Europe – remember though that they would each need a capital letter because they are places!

    1. Thank you girls – I like that you have given a reason and included emotions too – is there a better adjective that you could use than sad?

  1. Greece – hot country and is next to Albania.
    Portugal – hot country and is next to Spain.
    Norway – colder country and is next to Sweden.

  2. My favourite part of the story was when the wind tried blowing, but the sun was obviously going to win because the wind had no chance and it made me laugh.

    1. Thank you Liam – are there any better adjectives than ‘happy’ to describe how the Sun might have felt when he won?

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