A fraction challenge…

We have been working very hard on fractions this week Year 3 and I am very proud of the progress every single one of you has made.
Here is a challenge based on fractions, the first 5 answers in will receive a signature and a raffle ticket and any others, that are in before next Tuesday (21.01.14), will receive a raffle ticket. Here goes…

The following fractions of amounts have the same answer – but what is that answer?

1) 3/4 of 8       2) 1/5 of 30              3) 2/3 of 9

Can you think of any other fractions of amounts that would make the same answer?

6 thoughts on “A fraction challenge…

    1. Fantastic Bailey – 2 raffle tickets and 2 signatures for you 🙂 I like how you showed what you were doing rather than just giving me the answer, well done!

    1. Well done Bobby, correct answers but you are out of time! Thank you for still answering though and showing how you got to the answers!

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