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This week in Year 3 (Posted by Eve and Natasha C)

globeIn Year 3 this week we have done lots of Geography work. We have used globes and atlases to find different continents, countries, cities and capital cities.
Can you name 3 countries in Europe?

We have learnt about the difference between weather and climate and we have used the BBC website to begin investigating different climates over time.

We have also been producing story paths for the main events of the Wind and the Sun story. What was your favourite part of the story and why?

Please join us on the blog to answer our questions. You could also add your own questions for other people to answer.

Chinese New Year

spring rolltangram horse

We have had great fun today as part of our Chinese New Year celebrations. We have completed a very tricky challenge to make a Tangram horse and had a try at making our own Spring rolls.

As we have been working hard on writing detailed sentences, with good adjectives in them, I thought that you might be able to post a sentence describing what you thought about the spring rolls or the tangram activity.
Remember to include well thought out adjectives that improve the sentence.

In Year 3 this week (Posted by Jamie and Bailey)

This week we have been learning lots of things about Weather. We have worked in groups to find lots of facts to answer our questions about the different types of weather.
Can you tell us one of your best facts?

In Numeracy we have been working hard on counting in multiples of 10, 50 and 100 and practising our times tables.
Can you think of a question or problem that someone else can answer?

Literacy has been exciting this week. We acted out the Story of The Wind and the Sun before trying to write a setting for the story.

What have you learnt or enjoyed the most this week?

Are you looking forward to our Easter performance?

A fraction challenge…

We have been working very hard on fractions this week Year 3 and I am very proud of the progress every single one of you has made.
Here is a challenge based on fractions, the first 5 answers in will receive a signature and a raffle ticket and any others, that are in before next Tuesday (21.01.14), will receive a raffle ticket. Here goes…

The following fractions of amounts have the same answer – but what is that answer?

1) 3/4 of 8       2) 1/5 of 30              3) 2/3 of 9

Can you think of any other fractions of amounts that would make the same answer?


It is time for our new topic Year 3 and this term we are going to be studying…


Before we begin this topic I was wondering what you already know?

You could tell me some facts about weather or post some of the places that you have visited around the World – what was like it there? What could you do there? What was the weather like there?
I look forward to hearing from you, maybe you could share some photos of the different places that you have been in class?

Happy New Year!

Hello again and welcome to 2014!
Not long now until we are back at school – I hope that you have had a lovely Christmas and are enjoying the new year. I thought it would be good for us to share some of our holiday highlights together on here. What did you get for Christmas? Did you enjoy meeting up with friends and family? Have you been to anywhere special? Has anything funny or exciting happened?
Let us know!