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What a week in Year 3…

This week in Year 3 we have been creating a Tudor poem. We had great fun thinking of lots of disgusting, horrible things to put into the cauldron, including dripping, bleeding brains, poisoned lipsticks and infected earrings!!!

We have put the six wives of Henry viii in order and thought about the different things that he did to them – he wasn’t a very nice man!

Our Christmas party was excellent. We all had lots of fun and even more to eat!!!

We cannot believe that it is the last week of term but we have had lots of fun and learnt lots of new things.

What have you learnt and enjoyed? Keep blogging!!!

This week in Year 3… (posted by Natasha B, Codie and Magdalena)

This week we have been writing our own Tudor play scripts. We worked in small groups using puppets to decide on a plot that included some Tudor characters like Henry VIII, Thomas Seymour, Catherine Parr, Elizabeth, Mary and Edward. We had great fun acting out the plays and recording them on the IPads.

We have compared rich and poor Tudors and the conditions that they lived in.

We have also created our Christmas cards and calendars. We cannot wait to take them home!

What have you learnt and enjoyed this week Year 3…