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This week in Year 3… (posted by Bobby)

This week we have been leaning about time. We have made times on mini clocks and tried reading times. Some of us were even able to read and write times to the nearest minute!!!
We have had great fun making our Tudor portraits out of materials and papers – some of the costumes were very colourful and rich!
We have also been leaning about Henry VIII and read a very funny story about him!
What has been your favourite part of the week Year 3 and what have you learnt or enjoyed learning about? Why not blog us about it…

Which number am I? Take 2…

Wow! Lots of people had a go at the last problem (and lots of people used the clues correctly to reach the right answer) so I am going to give you another problem.
Once again the first 5 answers get two signatures and the others will get one. I will reveal the answers in order in one week’s time so get your answers in…

I am an even number
I have 2 digits
My number of units are double my number of tens
I am greater than 20
If you add my digits together they make an odd number

What number am I?

Which number am I?

Can you work out which number I am from the clues?
The first 3 to answer will win 2 signatures and the next ones will win 1 signature each! I will give you 1 week to get your answer in!!! Ready…

I have 2 digits.
I am an odd number.
I am more than 20 but less than 40.
If you add my 2 digits together they make 10.

What number am I?

Who is she???

lady jane grey

Today we started to look at the Tudor rulers and discovered that Lady Jane Grey was included in the list of Monarchs.  Your challenge is to try to find out some facts about her that we can share as a class…

* Who is she?

* How long did she reign for?

* Who took over the throne from her?  Why?

* What other interesting facts can you find out about her?

Get ready for the Tudors…

Hello again Year 3!  It is not long now before we go to Gainsborough Old Hall and start learning lots of new things about The Tudors.

I was thinking that maybe you could start thinking about our new topic and let me know what you have found out or what you would like to find more out about as we are studying The Tudors.

There are lots of websites that you could visit including… – This one will let you have a sneak peak at Gainsborough Old Hall before we go there!!!

Keep me posted about what you find out 🙂