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Wednesday 25.03.20

Good Morning everyone.

Here are today’s tasks:

  • Spelling test. Please ask a grown up to test you on your spelling words (you can write your answers down in your purple book). My group, your new spellings are: naughty, greedy, women, disappear, steadily, castle, pavement, delicious, healthy, Wednesday. Mrs Hopkinson/Mrs Abbott’s group, your spellings are: friend, most, father, should, could. Please write these in your target book.
  • Learn It challenge. Log onto Big Maths and complete your learn its only. Your Pin Code is 0129. Your Username is firstname.lastname (Mr.Anderson) and your Password is Priory1.
  • In your purple book, please write out the following sentences. It is an extract from The Butterfly Lion. Use your neatest, joined up handwriting. Pop your lineguide behind the page you want to write on.

Bertie was born in South Africa, in a remote farmhouse near a place called Timbavati. It was shortly after Bertie first started to walk that his mother and father decided a fence must be put around the farmhouse to make a compound where Bertie could play in safety. It wouldn’t keep the snakes out – nothing could do that – but at least Bertie would be safe now from the leopards, lions and the spotted hyenas.

  • Today I would also like you to write a final section for your extreme weather. Research how to keep safe in extreme weather.
  • Complete the smile multiplication questions under the video and any challenges that are on Sumdog.

Thanks! Mr Anderson.

Our First Video!

This work is for Wednesday 25th March. 

Please complete these questions in your purple workbook. Put one sheet of squared paper behind the page you want to write on and you will be able to see the squares!

  1. 20 x 5 =
  2. 30 x 40 =
  3. 20 x 80 =
  4. 3 x 50 =
  5. 6 x 20 =
  6. 70 x 2 =
  7. 30 x 70 =
  8. 30 x 300 =
  9. 20 x 6 =
  10. 70 x 3 =

Tuesday 24.03.20

Hello everyone.

How are you all today? Happy Birthday Blake! Have a great day. William and Daniel, did you enjoy your birthdays?

Here are your tasks for today.

  • Do the Joe Wicks Youtube Workout. This was very successful yesterday and lots of you joined in (make sure your parents join in too!)
  • I have set another multiplication times table challenge on Sumdog. Well done to Archie and Chelsea on your challenge from yesterday. You scored 100% accuracy, meaning you answered everything correct! Who else is aiming for top of the leader board today?
  • There is also a reading challenge on Sumdog. Layla and Maisy tried some reading on Sumdog yesterday and did amazing! Do your 15 minutes of daily reading as well.
  • Please log onto Big Maths and complete your SAFE challenge only. Your Pin Code is 0129. Your Username is firstname.lastname (Mr.Anderson) and your Password is Priory1.
  • With your spellings, play hangman and show a family member how we visualise (forwards and backwards) using your weekly spellings – it is test day tomorrow!
  • Yesterday you should have written down four facts about some extreme weather. Today I would like you to write down four places where your extreme weather happens. For example, if you have chosen to write about hurricanes, where in the world do these happen? Research this and make sure you write the country and continent. If you can, find out what the climate is normally like in that country.
  • Please observe the clouds using the Cloud Chart again today. Do you see any change from yesterday? Let me know on the blog the names of the clouds.

Once you have finished your work, don’t forget to enjoy the rest of the day with your family.

Keep me posted!

Mr Anderson 🙂

Monday 23.03.20

Hello Year 3.

Here are your tasks for Monday. Complete these in your purple book when it is appropriate to do so.

  • As it is your PE day, I would like you to watch the Joe Wicks Live PE Lesson on YouTube. This begins at 9am!
  • Read your book for 15 minutes.
  • On Sumdog, complete the multiplication, spelling and maths challenges.
  • Complete your weekly spellings.  Then, for a handwriting task, create sentences using your spelling words. In your sentences, make sure you try to use commas in a list, an exclamation mark and a question mark.
  • Following on from our Weather topic, research an extreme weather and list down four interesting facts. You might choose to research a hurricane, blizzard, drought or floods. Later in the week, we will begin writing a fact file. This website is a good starting point, but you might find even better ones.
  • Go outside or look out of the window at the clouds. Use the Cloud Chart to identify what clouds are in the sky. Do this at various times throughout the day. Are they always the same?

Please let me know how you are getting on with these tasks. I will be checking the blog throughout the day and I am here to answer any questions that you have.

Although this is very different for us , we are all in this together and we will make this work!

Have a great day.

Mr Anderson 🙂

Welcome back to the blog!

Hello Year 3 and welcome to the blog.

Over the next few weeks, the blog will be used as a ‘virtual classroom’ for us all to use.

I will post on here with tasks and activities that you can complete at home in your purple workbook. Please check the blog every morning for the day’s tasks. Some of the activities I would like you to complete are:

  • Reading for at least 15 minutes per day. The books that you read might be the books from school or any other text you have at home. I would love to hear what you are reading.
  • Weekly spellings. You can still use your target book to complete these. Try some of the fun ways to learn your spellings from the list in your target book!
  • Most of the learning you will do will be completed on Sumdog. Please logon here as soon as possible and complete the initial tests. I will set tasks on here for you to complete. I can already see Archie has been working hard on here 😊
  • CLIC/SAFE/Learn It challenges. I will tell you when I would like these challenges doing online. You should know your login, but I will post this when it is time to complete your first challenge.
  • English/handwriting tasks. I will post these on the blog. Please use your line guide and your purple workbook.
  • Topic/research tasks. I will post these on the blog.

I will begin setting work for you to complete on Monday so please check back then for another update.

You can use the blog at any time and I will be checking it regularly to answer any questions. Please use the blog to let me know how you all are and if you need me, shout up on here.

Stay safe and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Anderson 😊

Rio Carnival 2020

Hello Y3,

I have found a news article from BBC Newsround about the Rio Carnival that I thought you might like. It looks like a very vibrant place to be and it looks extremely colourful!

One of your projects is to create an item for the Rio Carnival. Does this get your imagination going for what you might do? Let me know what your plans are for the projects.


Maths homework

It is great to see that after a week off, you haven’t lost your enthusiasm for learning! A lot of you asked for some extra maths homework this week.

Don’t forget that you are the experts in Y3 (sorry parents and carers!) and you know what kinds of questions we have covered so far from the sheets. If you finish them all, ask someone at home to write down similar questions for you to complete in your target book.

You all impressed me earlier with your 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times table knowledge earlier today. Keep working on knowing these as quick as your name.

Play some of the games below to help with this:

  • How many in 60 seconds.
  • Fizz buzz (show a grown up this game!)
  • https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/477/Multiplication-Tables-Check (Remember to only select the times tables we have learnt)
  • https://www.mathschase.com/
  • https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/5-7-years/times-tables

Have fun Y3.

Climate zones around the world

This week in our geography learning, we have been looking at climate zones around the world. The four main climates we know are:

  • Polar
  • Temperate
  • Desert
  • Tropical

The website below gives us lots of information about these and other fun facts. Choose a country and tell me about its climate and anything else you find interesting!



Wonderful weather!

This week in our topic lesson, we have been looking at some key words to do with the weather such as; precipitation, visibility, temperature and sunshine. I would like you to look at a weather report, google weather in the UK, and see if you can see any of these words or others from our topic lesson.



These are good websites to look at.

Here is your knowledge organiser for this term. You can stick this in your target book on Monday.