“Zoom, zoom as fast as you can, you won’t catch me I’m Pizza Man.”

This week Year Two have been looking at making their own version of The Great Chapatti Chase. We created our own character, who escaped from the kitchen.

In our Science work this week, we have been talking about germs and how important it is to wash our hands. We had a fun activity with glitter to show how easy it is for germs to spread.

In our maths we have been adding or subtracting multiples of ten, from a two digit number. For example;  72-10=     or      94-20=

On Monday with Mrs. Forman, we had ICT. Luke brought in a special toy from home, that used to belong to his Uncle when he was little! We were using this toy to help us understand how simple algorithms are.

Challenge for the week….. Can you design and describe your own food character to run away in the style of The Great Chapatti Chase.

What is peace?

Yesterday Year 2 were thinking about what peace means to us. We explored music related to peace, and especially liked listening to the Beatles.

Here is a list of our top favourites;

Paul McCartney-Pipes of Peace and We All Stand Together.

The Beatles -Twist and Shout.

John Lennon- Imagine.

We also had some time to do some art and collage a peaceful scene, Year 2 decided a beach was a peaceful place.

For a challenge, you could tell us about a place where you feel peaceful.

Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the chapatti man!

We have started to look at the story of the Chapatti man this week, and learn the meaning of new words we haven’t seen before.

In our art time we have been practising drawing eyes.

Our Learn-its this week are; 7×10=70     8×10=80      9×10=90

Are you ready for a challenge?

See if you can write your own version of Rapunzel, don’t forget to create a really mean character for the middle part of your story!


What came first the chicken or the egg?

This week we have been looking at the journey our food goes on, before it reaches our plate.  Here is our first piece of work in our science books.

Maybe you could have a go at drawing the journey for toast or milk.

Our learn its this week are;   1×10=10     2×10=20 and  3×10=30.

We have also been thinking about writing our own version of Rapunzel, do you have any ideas about what we could change?

Year 2 memories…

Wow Year 2, we are nearly at the end of the school year! You are about to be Year 3s!
As we come to the end I think it would be a great idea to post some memories about our time in Year 2.
What are your favourite memories/moments?
What have you enjoyed?
I look forward to reading all about them…

Time for a holiday?

In Class 2 this week we have been thinking about different types of holidays that we could go on and the different places that we could go to for these different types of holidays.
We thought about:
*Seaside holidays in the UK and abroad
*Holiday villages
*Themed holidays
*Outdoor holidays
*City holidays

Which type of holiday have you been on? Where was it? Which one would you choose as your favourite type?
Maybe you could do some research about the different types/places and blog some information for other people in the class…

Please don’t leave me lonely on here again Year 2!!! There will be raffle tickets and signatures for those that leave appropriate messages 🙂

Our visit to The Chocolate Kitchen…

We had a fantastic morning visiting The Chocolate Kitchen. Megan and her team made us very welcome. It was great fun learning about how chocolate is made but even more fun tasting different ones and making a lollipop!
What was your favourite part of the trip?
What was your lollipop like? Have you eaten yet? Did you share it?
Which type of chocolate was your favourite?

Keep posting…

Are you learning our ‘Learn-Its’?

Year 2, don’t forget that we are trying to learn our x5 facts so that we can answer questions for them as quickly as we can!
We are quite good at multiplication questions but need to remember how to use these facts to answer division questions.

I would like you to post some facts, questions or problems for the 5 x table and division facts for each other to answer so that we can keep on practising – make them sensible and using the facts up to 12 x 5.

Here is a link to a game ‘Hit that button’ – click on the division facts for 5 and let me know how you get on… (You could also practice your 2s and 10s too!)