Hansel and Gretel

We have been reading Hansel and Gretel in Year 1 this week. We all enjoyed the story and made some fabulous story maps to show how well we could remember it. Next week, we will be writing our own version with a new bad character and our own sweetie house.

What sweets would your house have for the roof, walls, floor, door and windows?

Miss Hayes would have a chocolate roof, candy cane walls, a floor made of skittles, a strawberry lace door and mint windows!


Maths outside!

Year 1 took their maths learning outside, not once, but TWICE this week!

The first time, we played some games with hula hoops and bean bags to practise using the language ‘won’, ‘last’, ‘first’, ‘second’, and ‘third’. Can you write a sentence using one or some of these words?

Then, we combined maths with topic as we tried to answer the question ‘are humans all the same?’ We talked about how humans have some things that are the same and others that are different. We then decided to look at the different eye colours in Year 1 and and made a human graph! Can you remember how many people had blue, green and brown eyes?


On Some Other Planet

In Literacy this week, we have been working on writing our own verse for the poem ‘On Some Other Planet’.

We came up with lots of great adjectives to describe the aliens that live on our planet. What three words would you use to describe your alien?

Miss Hayes said her alien was strong, purple and smiley!

Don’t forget to keep practising our number bonds to 10 Learn It’s…









What’s that smell?!

In today’s topic lesson we started investigating the five senses. Our focus was our sense of smell. Which part of our body do we use to smell?

Using just our sense of smell we tried to guess what was in each cup. From top to bottom, left to right…

Tomato ketchup, cocoa powder, soap, banana, grass, pencil shavings, paint, toothpaste, milk, playdoh, coffee and vinegar.

Which smell was your favourite? Were there any you didn’t like?

Were there any that were really easy or really hard to guess?

Fairytale letters…

In Year 1 last week, we had a letter arrive from the Fairy Godmother! The Fairy Godmother was asking us for help. She wanted us to help her read some of her letters because she had too many. We read one letter from the Gingerbread Man and one from the Three Little Pigs. The Gingerbread Man wanted advice on how to get people to stop chasing him. The Three Little Pigs wanted advice on keeping safe outside without the Big Bad Wolf seeing them. We thought of lots of fantastic ideas to try and help them out.

Here is a challenge from Miss Hayes…

I want you to imagine that Little Red Riding Hood has written a letter to us asking for advice on how to spot if it is Grandma or the Big Bad Wolf dressed up. What advice would you give her?


The Magic Crayons

A few weeks ago we read a story called The Magic Paintbrush. It was a very exciting story all about a girl called Shen who paints things with a magic paintbrush to help out poor people. We have now started to think of some new ideas so we can write our own version The Magic Paintbrush called The Magic Crayons.

What are your ideas? Share them below…

  • Who is the main character?
  • Who gives the main character the magic crayons?
  • Who is the bad character?
  • What does the main character paint for the poor?
  • What does the bad character ask the main character to paint?
  • What does the main character paint to scare the main character away?

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!



What a wonderful first week back we have had in Year 1!

We have found out our new topic is going to be all about change. Changes in the places around us, how plants change as they grow and changes in the weather.

We’ve also being doing lots of changing or ‘switching’ in maths as we have been learning all about fact families!

Can you write the fact family for these number  sentences?

4 + 5 = 9

6 + 2 = 8

7 + 3 = 10

Can you set your own fact family challenge for someone else in Year 1 to answer? 

Ice Rescue!

Oh no! On Thursday this week, Year 1 we came back from lunch to find some 4 animals trapped inside bowls of ice! We decided that we would need to rescue them by melting the ice… and quickly!

We came up with four different ways (or methods) that we could do this. Can you remember what they were? Can you remember which way made the ice melt the fastest?

Year 1 also did a research project on dogs this week. What was your favourite dog fact?