2 apples, 4 apples…

Year 1 are experts at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. This week we explored what else we could count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We started off with things like multi-link cubes and apples, and then we counted some more exciting things like… sweets, balloons, toy cars, chocolates, games, cupcakes, robots, army men and teddy bears! We even counted our own feet!

What did we count our feet in? 2s, 5s or 10s?

If you know the answer, can you explain why?

Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary

This week in Year 1 have been reading Dougal’s Deep Sea Diary. Dougal wrote about lots of exciting things in his diary which we put onto a story map. He went to Atlantis and met mermaids and mermen, he found a shipwreck, he had his dinner in a diving capsule, he got watched by sharks and he helped with a dolphin show.

One of our favourite parts of Dougal’s diary was when he found a treasure chest. Can you remember what three things Dougal found inside the treasure chest?

Next week, we’re going to be writing our own entry for Dougal’s diary. What else could Dougal get up to?

Crocodiles in maths?!

In maths this week we looked at two very strange symbols. Here they are…

< >

We thought that they looked like a crocodile’s hungry mouth! The crocodiles are very greedy and they always like to eat the BIGGEST number.

Can you blog me to tell me if these are right or wrong?

5 > 8
3 < 7
11 > 6
6 < 15
8 < 12

Can you make your own up to challenge someone else?


One Hot Day

Year 1 have been reading One Snowy Night over the last few weeks. This week have started to plan to write our version of the story called One Hot Day.

We started to think about some of the problems the animals might be having because the weather is so hot. This is what we came up with…

The swimming pool is closed.
The food truck is closed.
The ice cream van is closed.
The animals’ beds were dried up.
There is no sun cream left.

Can you think of any more problems the animals might be having because the weather is too hot?

Rabbits or rabbites?

‘There were two shivering rabbit’.

Year 1 realised  that there was something wrong with this sentence from ‘One Snowy Night.’ There is more than one rabbit, so it should have an ‘s’ on the end. This is called a plural. Sometimes we have to add ‘es’ to a word instead. We learnt that if a word ends in one of our ‘magic’ letters or digraphs that we add ‘es’ instead of just ‘s’.

Can you remember what the magic letters and digraphs were?

Would you add ‘s’ or ‘es’ to change these words into plurals?



All About Magnets

In science this week, Miss Hayes set us a challenge. The challenge was to get some different objects out of a cup of water without getting your hands wet or dipping anything in. The objects were a marble, a rubber, some little wooden blocks, a coin and a paperclip.

We found out that we could get the coin and the paperclip out of the cup without getting our hands wet or dipping anything in by using a magnet.

Can you remember why the magnet only worked for the coin and the paperclip?


Paper Chain Ssssssnakes

This week in Year 1 we made paper chain snakes. We all love our paper chain snakes! There was a bit of a problem though… all the instructions that Miss Hayes had went missing. She asked us if we could help her to write them again.

We know that instructions need 3 parts. Can you remember what the 3 parts are? Which colours did you use to make your paper chain snake?

All About Toys!

This week we found out that our new topic is going to be Toys! When we had our Topic Launch with our grown-ups we played with some new toys and some old toys. We also tried to name as many different toys as we could. Here are some of the toys we thought of…

Football, toy guitar, toy piano, yo-yo, dolls, dolls house, toy planes, toy cars, toy buses, toy trains, Avengers actions figures, drone, bullseye, Mashems, slinky, Pokemen, Barbie dolls, Shopkins, miniature pool table, skittles, jacks, toy mobile phones, Lego, Playdoh, Star Wars toy, Buzz Lightyear, Match Attax and Darth Varder pop up game.

Can you add any more toys to this list?

What is your favourite toy and why?

Shhhh! Don’t wake the baby!

Year 1 have had a very busy. Christmassy week this week, because we have been doing lots of  Nativity rehearsal.  In our Nativity, there are lots of animals like a donkey, pigs, cows, sheep, mice, camels, cats, birds, an owl, a cockerel and a dog. There are lots of other characters too, like angels, innkeepers, kings, Mary and Joseph and shepherds.

We can’t wait to show you next week!

Can you tell me in the comments what part you are playing in our Nativity and what it is that you have to do?

Oh Year 1 they had a zoo…

This week, Year 1 have been learning about the different groups of animals such as mammals, reptiles and birds. We learnt a song to the tune of ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ to help us remember some of these.

In science this week we were trying to find out which material was strongest against the wind. This was because the Three Little Pigs wanted to build a new house but it needed to be strong enough to stop the Big Bad Wolf from blowing it down. We tested plastic, wood, foam and paper and found out that wood was the strongest because it didn’t blow down at all.

Can you remember how long it took for the plastic house to blow down, the paper house to blow down and the foam house to blow down?