Whatever Next !

Hi everyone, well we had fun at the end of term reading yet another great bear story Whatever Next . Many of us went to the moon with a picnic  in the rockets we made .

  Can you retell the story ?   

This week We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and finding out even more bear facts.

Well done  everyone, we have looked at Polar bears, Panda Bears and now  Brown bears too. Why not share your brown bear facts on our blog we look forward to reading them.



Snow! Snow! Snow!

We couldn’t not  use all our senses to explore the snow ! What great fun we had.


We even caught a snowflake on our tongue!


Our Bible story this week was Jonah and the  Whale. Here is Chloe with her  drawing  and a few of us re-enacting the story with our fishing boats, a whale  and Jonah’s shelter.


If you could take 1 person on a boat with you who would you choose and why?


Letters and sounds are very important in our learning please help us to recognise them when you are out and about.  Mars children are moving onto the letter names when they know most of their letter sounds a b c d e  etc. 


Mrs Neal’s  phonics group have been working on letter names A B C and digraphs  two letters that make one sound ng,  sh and now  th. Hear are some sounds to blend and read

k i ng,    r i ng,   w i sh,     sh i  p,  th a t ,   th i s,  th i n 

Well done children with your counting in 10s , now you need to know those doubles. Double 1 is? double 2 is ? double 3 is ? double 4 is ? double 5 is ? 



Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See ?

Hello everyone,  we have been reading the story with all the amazing animals and thinking about the colour  adjectives describing them!

Have you ever seen a blue horse ?  What colour would you choose for a horse  if  it could be any colour and why?


    Is it a good idea to have horses in our FSU Garden, because …?  

CLIC – Come on Mars children shout it out !

How many fingers on each hand and altogether ? 

Chant your numbers to 50 in tens : 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 … can you go beyond ?

We have been having fun listening and talking about the story of Noah and the Ark




Polar Bear Polar Bear What do you Hear?

 Image result for polar bear polar bear what do you hear activities for preschool

We began the week having fun reading this book, many of us enjoyed naming the different animals and making their sounds. Can you recall all their names and sounds?

Polar bears are very interesting animals and we have been finding out about where they  live and what they eat. Have you an interesting fact to share with us?

Polar bears swimming in open water are capable of swimming incredible distances, according to a  study. They have been recorded regularly swimming over 30 miles (48 kilometers) and, in one case, as far as 220 miles (354 kilometers)

We are special and care for others

What a week ! To further develop or Listening and Attention, and Speaking the children have enjoyed a number of interactive stories read by are special visitor ‘Alice’. from the library service.

Rainbow fish was very beautiful and special but lonely, the starfish said go and see the wise octopus . He told the Rainbow fish to give away the shiny scales, was that a good idea? Should we always give away our things to have friends?



                                                               Odd sock day to support anti-bullying 

A special thank you to everyone who sent in something for our shoe box appeal, Melanie from Bluebell Wood came especially to collect our box. She showed us pictures of the children and families she helps. 

Project show case   – Wow, so many of you worked very hard on your projects, thank you grown ups for your encouragement and support.

I like books

What a great start to our week – ‘we lIke books !’ The children have been looking at and reading the book  I like books by Antony Browne.


We visited our local library to listen to a  funny story  read by Chris and to learn about different books.


We would love to know the title of your favourite book  and why you like it.

THINKING Time – Would it be a good idea if all books  had no words and why?

Mars children – we are looking forward to seeing your projects very soon !


Welcome back !

This week we are thinking about our amazing bodies. Harold the giraffe will be explaining to us how to look after them and why this is important.

Rockets and Stars s: Taking Care of Myself
Harold the Giraffe is preparing to attend Nursery. They help him to get ready by showing him how to use the items in his wash-bag. Using a
body tunic the children learn about the functions of some major internal organs and then exercise with an imaginary walk to Harold’s Nursery. They see what Harold gets up to at Nursery before he returns home for a nap while the children have a sleep under the star-lit
ceiling. Harold sings them a song about how special they all are before they each have a chance to say goodbye to him.
a) Understand that the body gets energy from food, water and air and that exercise and sleep are important to our health.
b) Name major internal body parts – heart, blood, lungs, stomach (tummy).
c) Understand the importance of basic personal hygiene (e.g. washing, cleaning teeth and
brushing hair).

Mars children : All About Me
The children meet Harold who is very excited about going to his grandparents’ house and they help him check he has everything in his bag. Using a body tunic the children learn about the functions of some major internal organs. Harold gets plenty of exercise at the park and the children all join in exercising their bodies too. Back at his grandparents’ house Harold is feeling fed up and calls the Life Education Centre for ideas to cheer him up. Everyone feels a lot better after a sleep under the star-lit ceiling and Harold comes out to thank everyone for their help before singing one of his favourite songs about being happy and healthy.
a) Understand that the body gets energy from food, water and air and that exercise and sleep are important to our health.
b) Name major internal body parts – heart, blood, lungs, stomach (tummy), brain.
c) Understand the importance of basic personal hygiene (e.g. washing, cleaning teeth and brushing hair).
d) Understand that medicines can sometimes make people feel better when they’re ill and understand issues of safety and responsibility.
e) Know some strategies for dealing with sadness (what to do or who to talk to for help).

Please will you help us in our learning  this term ?

Shape –  We will be helping your children explore the properties of shapes  2D flat shapes and 3D shapes. Why not play a game by going  on a shape hunt around the house and see what shapes you can find.

2D shapes- Point to a circle, triangle, square and rectangle  – How many corners does each shape have? How many edges are they straight, curved, long or short ?  Which shape has 2 short edges and 2 long edges?

3D shapes – Can you find a sphere, cone, cube and cuboid ? What shape are the faces you see?

Here is a little poem to help you

3D shapes are fat not flat, a cone is like a party hat. A sphere is like a bouncy ball, a prism is like a building tall. A cylinder is like a can of pop a cube is like the dice you drop.  


Have you got a funny bone?

We have been reading the FUNNY BONES story and learning about our skeletons.


Oliver and his Police dog have been reading the skeleton words

How many names of bones can you remember ?

In Mars we took a look at the bibles  given to us in our first week at school. We have been talking about the first story, creation.

What can you remember ? How many things can you recall ? How many days did it take to make the world and what did God do on the  last day?


Quick reply CLIC  questions

– How many fingers have you got ?  – Double 1 is,  double 2 is?  –  Half of 2 is    –   half of 4 is?  

What a busy week!

This week in Mars we have been trying to remember our ‘learn it’  in number time ; ‘I have 10 fingers.’ We have counted our fingers by uncurling them slowly every day and  there are always 10!  We need to remember now and reply without counting with”10 fingers”. We have been drawing our numbers correctly to 10 too outside during our target throwing games.

Thank you to ‘Mars’ children for following a recipe to make flap jacks for our charity coffee event in school on Friday. Many people have said they were delicious.

We had a special visitor ‘Jackie’ who came to show us and talk to us about a Baptism (Christening). We enjoyed lighting a candle and naming the baby. I wonder if you have any photos or family items used in a Baptism to look at and talk about with your child.

On Thursday  at 10 O’ clock we will be singing  the harvest songs we have been learning in church. It would be lovely to see all our grown ups there too. The younger children will be at Wiggly Worship.

Here are a few pictures of the things we have been up to. Making owl pictures, reading the Owl Babies book ourselves using new vocabulary. Writing words, collecting and comparing leaves for signs of changes from Summer to Autumn.


We have been talking about what makes us special, Tell us What makes you special ? Our coat pegs are all special, just like us!