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Happy Diwali !

D 1 D2

What a lovely week we’ve had celebrating the Hindu festival of Diwali.

Comets have made Diva lamps to take home and Mars have decorated Rangoli patterns using a range of media. We have been getting creative with some beautiful, new, glittery Playdough.



On Friday we had a great time dressing up as ‘People Who Inspire Us’, in aid of Children in Need. Check out our fun photos!


D 6

Can you spot ‘my Nana, a vet, a firefighter and my Grandad’ in Mars.?  On Comet carpet can you see a ‘Doctor and Spiderman’?

I wonder if anyone can tell us who they dressed up as for Children in Need and why they chose that person?

What a busy week!

We met happy, healthy Harold on the Life Education Bus and had great fun talking about how to stay healthy.


This week also found us eating our snack in our decorated Succah outside and singing our song for the Jewish festival of Sukkot.


Our book next week is ‘The Farm Concert’.

All About Me

Thank you to all those people who came along to our Topic Launch last week, we hope it was useful to see some of the things we will be doing this term in our new topic:

‘All About Me’.

This week we have been reading ‘Harry and his dinosaurs go to school’ so as you can imagine we have had dinosaurs everywhere!  Comet children will be bringing their bucketful of dinosaurs home to share with you.  Mars children have put their work in their new portfolios.


Next  week is Nursery Rhyme week in F.S.U. when we will be focussing on ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill!’

Let’s celebrate Diwali!

This week we have been looking at the book”Peace at last” by Jill Murphy. Please ask your children to tell you the story!
Next week as part of our work on understanding the world and celebrations,we shall be learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali.The children will be making their own Diwali sweets to eat at snack time with marshmallows and melted chocolate.Our pattern focus will be on Rangoli patterns so look out for these coming home!


Ness the Nurse

As you know, our topic for the Summer Term is “People who help us in places around us”. This week we had our first visitor to FSU when Nurse Mary Howe came to talk to us about her job and how a nurse helps people. She brought lots of exciting things to show us and the highlight of her visit was when she put a plaster cast on two of our children!

We shall continue our nurse theme next week when our book of the week will be “Ness the Nurse” by Nick Sharratt. This is a funny rhyming book and causes much laughter amongst the children when for example Paul needs a plaster because he hit a wall, and Rose has bashed her nose!

Role play both inside and out will be a hospital and a clinic. Nurse Howe left us some bandages, x-rays and the like for us to use in our play.

It promises to be another busy week in FSU!

Mrs Bacon