Rockets and Stars – 24.03.20

Hello everyone!

Reading –

Reading – We would like your child to read using their reading/alphabet book. We would also like them to listen to a story. This could be their weekend book. Or you may want to have a look at an audio book on Youtube..

Here is the link to The Tiger Who Came To Tea Talk to your child about the story, what is their favourite part?

Image result for the tiger who came to tea

Phonics Refer to week one of phonic challenges, depending on your child’s level due to age this could be one of the following…

Make a collection of your own noise makers. Think about lots of different things that make a noise and gather them in a box or a bag. Use one of the objects to make a sound for others to guess what it is. You could include things like crisp packets, keys, coins in a pot, a rattle or a squeaky toy.


Emma the explorer has a list of things she needs to take on her adventure but she can’t read it! Can you help her read what she needs to pack her bag? Sound out the words below and then blend the sounds together to read what she needs. You could also draw pictures of the items and label them!

c-u-p        m-a-p         h-a-t          p-e-n

Phonics/writing – Look at the letter l on your letter formation in your purple book. Practise writing the letter on the formation sheet. You could then also try in your purple book. If you have any shaving foam, whipped cream at home, why not try making the sound with your fingers in the foam for fun!

NumberCount to 20 with your child. You can count up to 20 claps/stomps/jumps/stretch etc. Ask your child how many hands they have/how many fingers and how many fingers they have on each hand.

You can also choose a number challenge from the number sheet in their Purple Books….

Write out the numbers 0-10 on some paper or card, cut them up and then ask a grownup to mix the numbers up – don’t peek! Then, see how quickly you can put them into the correct order. You could ask someone to time you and then see if you can get faster when you try again.

Physical – We love kids’ yoga and relaxation time at school, so have a go at trying it at home! Here is a link to COSMIC YOGA, it’s very fun! If the video moves too quickly, you can pause the video to practise a move/pose before moving on!

Creative – Make a map of the journey from your kitchen to your bedroom! Add colours to each room.

Please comment and let me know what activities you’ve been up to and which you are enjoying! You can also comment any questions you have. I’d love to hear from you.

Miss Mullen 🙂

15 thoughts on “Rockets and Stars – 24.03.20

  1. We have enjoyed the tiger who came to tea. Nicholas liked them going to a cafe for food the best. We were a bit worried about Daddy not having his tea when he got home!

    1. Having enjoyed the story, could you make the ending different … where else could they go and what might they eat? Can you write 2 sentences in your purple book to change the end of the story. Remember you capital letters finger spaces and full stops please!

    1. Well done Ava and Mum! You can record the words you write in your purple book. Lovely to hear what activities you’re doing!
      Miss Mullen 🙂

  2. I have been practicing writing my first and last name enjoyed doing some exercise in the garden this morning from brydie

    1. Hi Brydie, Great, your challenge is to form all of your letters so they are touching the line – remember your y and pp must go through the line. Does it look like my writing yet!

  3. Harry liked listening to the Tiger who came to tea, he thought that the family could go shopping and then for a picnic where the tiger couldn’t see them as a different ending. We did Joe wicks p.e this morning and have just ordered numbers 1-10 against the clock

    1. Well done Harry amazing keep up the good work. Have you been writing your name in your purple book, take care with your letters getting them the correct way. Mum you could darw a line in his book to write on.

      1. We’ve had a go writing his name, Harry wanted to write his middle names as well. His letters are getting better and closer to the line everytime!

        1. Great to hear a little 10 minutes every day will make a fifference, writing key words too will help. Sound them out i n in, m u m mum you will be amazed!

    2. Well done Harry! Glad you enjoyed the story! Maybe you could draw a picture of the tiger in your purple book! Later in the week you could challenge yourself and have a go at ordering numbers up to 15. Keep in touch!
      Miss Mullen 🙂

    1. That’s fantastic! Glad to hear. I’ll be posting more cosmic yoga videos and Scarlett could do more as part of her daily expertise and keeping healthy! Keep in touch. Miss Mullen 🙂

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