Rockets and Stars – Wednesday 25.03.20

Good morning boys, girls and grown ups! 

I hope you’re enjoying your activities, remember to comment what you have been up to and keep in touch! 

Phonics – Please watch today’s phonic video and join in at home!

Writing – Have a go at writing your name in your purple books. If your child can write their first name independently have a go at writing your surname too.

Reading – Keep reading using your reading/alphabet book. It’s important for children to hear stories more than once so they become familiar with the story and are able to retell a story and join in with key phrases. We would like you to have another look at The Tiger Who Came To Tea.. Image result for tiger who came to tea

Here is the link to The Tiger Who Came To Tea Encourage your child to join in with telling this story. 


Number – Ask an adult to hide the numbers to 10 around your room, house or garden. See if you can find all 10 and place them in order. You could ask someone to tell you a number to find. Can you remember what the number looks like and find it?

Creative – Make a signs of Spring picture using different media – crayons , magazines, sticks leaves etc. Here is some inspiration of signs of spring…

Image result for spring pictures                                         Image result for spring pictures       Image result for spring pictures   Image result for spring pictures bumblebees


Physical – We’re pleased to see some of you enjoyed Cosmic Yoga yesterday, here is the link to another Cosmic Yoga video!

Please keep us updated on the activities you chose to do today! We love hearing from you.

Miss Mullen and FSU team

4 thoughts on “Rockets and Stars – Wednesday 25.03.20

  1. I have been practicing writing my first and last name and writing my numbers 1 to 20 i am going to be helping plant some seeds later and doing my reading with my mum.Brydie x

    1. Brilliant Brydie! did you write your name in your purple book? You can ask mum to draw a line in your book to practise writing your name on the line. What a great idea to do some planting while the sun is shining! While you’re outside, have a look around the garden and see what signs of spring you can see with Mum. Keep us posted!

  2. Hi miss Mullen today me and my sister have been outside and we have drawn some daffodils and me on my new Elsa bike. We have put the pictures in my purple book so that you can see them when we come back to school! Hope your having a nice time
    Alanis cooper

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