Tuesday 24/03/2020 Congratulations Mars

Hello  children and grown ups,

Fabulous first day on Sumdog  Maths  it is great to see we have had 10 children using SUMDOG maths. Nicholas you  completed the most tasks with Joseph, Abigail, Jasmine , Jaxon,  Kaiya and Tyler S  have also done very well.  Owen and Imogen W have also had a go too. Well done, keep it up as the program will move your learning on the more you use it ( 30 mins per week) . Your MME badge is on its way.

Remember to complete your 10 minute reading  with your book/ or Teach my Monster App or the key words in your bag every day. Brydie has said she has enjoyed the Teach your Monster to read app, so let me know how you are getting on.

Grown ups – to help your children in their 2 hrs home learning educators are advising you have a routine/timetable so here is the one we would use for this week. Please see the previous Mars blog post with your learning activities for the week

Our class timetable  for this week would be something like this:   

Register, name write physical activity , phonics,  read, Drink/Snack – chat time,  sentence write, number/shape, prayers  12 O Clock Dinner, – run around  1pm Register water /breathing,  Teacher directed –  Art/craft task,  2.15  fruit snack / water,   physical activity , listen to a story, prayers home time .

Please email the school office if you have any questions we can help you with.

Remember  to stay home and stay safe with your family,  you are all in my thoughts.

                                                                                      Mrs Neal and the FSU team 


6 thoughts on “Tuesday 24/03/2020 Congratulations Mars

  1. Good Morning Mars and grown ups. Its so great to hear that you are working hard at home. I am regulary looking at the blog and reading your comments. I am working from home too preparing your number and writing books ready for when we are all back together.
    Keep up all your hard work and keep staying safe 😍 Mrs Forman

    1. Hi Luca, great to hear your on Sumdog at mummy school, I will check your progress to see how you have done. Look forward to hearing from you again soon. Take care everyone Mrs Neal

  2. Hello we have done some writing and reading and I have made cookies I read the recipe myself, I have done colouring, maths, and we are learning about dinosaurs so mummy is doing me lots of activities to do with dinosaur in my dinosaur topic book we have also planted some seeds and bulbs.

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