Rockets and Stars Home Learning!

Good morning children and gown ups!

We look forward to helping you and your child continue their learning at home due to school closures. Remember to try and keep their learning fun and when they complete the short tasks suggested they will earn rewards from school. We are looking forward to seeing their purple books. 

The blog will be updated regularly for the usual posts, challenges and links to interesting things. You can also use this as a way of contacting me if you need to.

We will be posting 10-20 minutes activities for Reading, phonics, Write, Maths, Physical , and  other  tasks. 

Setting a learning routine that suits you and your child may help. Remember your child is at their stage of development and we can help them take the next step whatever it is. No two children are ever the same so you might need to adapt the task to suit your child. They may need to repeat tasks several times to improve upon it, so keep it interesting, encourage and have fun learning together.

Monday 23.03.20

Reading – We would like your child to read using their reading/alphabet book. We would also like them to listen to a story. This could be their weekend book. Talk to your child about the story, what is their favourite part?

PhonicsRefer to week one of phonic challenges, depending on your child’s level due to age this could be one of the following…

Go on a listening walk around your house! Practise listening carefully to all the sounds you hear. Talk about what you heard. Did you recognise all the sounds? Were they loud or quiet noises? Were they long or short sounds?


Listen carefully as you sound out these words: pin, sat, tap, net. How many letter sounds are in each word? Try counting on your fingers?

Writing – Ask your child to tell you about the Naughty Bus story (you can look back at previous naughty bus post to give you an idea what it looks like).

Draw a picture of the Naughty Bus from the story. Try labelling the picture with initial sounds. Ask your child what sound they can hear in ‘naughty’ and ‘bus’ and then write the sounds. You can do this in your Purple Book.

Name write – Practise writing your name. If your child can independently write their first name, have a go at their surname!

Number Count to 20 with your child. You can count up to 20 claps/stomps/jumps/stretch etc. Ask your child how many hands they have/how many fingers and how many fingers they have on each hand.

You can also choose a number challenge from the number sheet in their Purple Books.

Spring Time –  looking in the garden, or in magazines (free Tesco) talk about the signs of Spring. Draw a picture of a flower in Purple Book.

Physical – Throw and catch session-  use different items to make it harder use smaller balls, (teddy, make a sock ball), step back increase the distance to challenge! (aim to try and catch in hands without using body).

Please comment any questions you have!

4 thoughts on “Rockets and Stars Home Learning!

  1. Hello,

    We’re unable to log in to the Phonics play website on either of our tablets or my laptop.

    Any ideas on faults or other reported issues.

    1. Hello,

      Great to see your trying to access phonics play!
      Just had a look and it did allow me to log in . Have you used the unsername: march20 and password: home ?
      If so it could be that the site is very busy as lots of children are having a go on the website.

  2. Afternoon miss Neil I have being doing some number work this morning and also been on Teach your monster to read which I enjoyed.thank you brydie

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