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Good morning children and gown ups!

We  look forward to helping you and your child continue their learning at home due to school closures. Remember  to try and keep their learning fun and when they complete  the short  tasks suggested they will earn rewards from school. We are looking forward to seeing their purple books or online progress using both Sumdog  and Monster read.

The blog will be updated regularly for the usual posts, challenges and links to interesting things. You can also use this as a way of contacting me if you need to.

We will be dividing  the learning into weeks  each week children will be expected to take part in a 10-20 minutes  Read x 3  , phonics, Write, Maths, Physical , and  other  tasks. 

Setting a learning routine  that suits you and your child may help. Remember your child is at their stage of development and we can help them take the next step whatever it is. No two children are ever the same so you might need to adapt the task to suit your child. They may need to repeat tasks several times to improve upon it, so keep it interesting, encourage and have fun learning together. The Purple books are not lined so you will need to draw a pencil line for the children, approximately 1.5 cm – 2 cm apart for writing tasks.   Children are to use a pencil to write with where possible.

Week 1-  23-27 th March

– by the end of the week we hope you will have  tried every activity at least once. For your child to make progress they will need to  complete  daily the following activities read,  phonic activity,  write and maths each week no time to be bored as I have enclosed a further 100 things to do to !

  • We would like your child to have read using their reading book  and/or  used Teach my my Monster to read. Your child’s log in  is stuck to the inside cover of their purple book. (If you have any difficulties please  text a friend or contact the school office via email we will get back to you as soon as we can). You can always share  a story at any time and talk about the characters or even change the ending together.
  • Phonics  week 1 activity sheet –  adults please make a note in the purple book – alliteration / oral blending. Don’t forget to read your key words and write them !
  • a b c or ABC  Say the letter sound and name – parents point to the letter shapes on your alphabet mat.

            Log onto www.phonicsplay.co.uk. User name March20 Password home .Please begin with phase  2  activities  to consolidate learning and give confidence suitable for most children.

  • WritingNight Bus paper- lines needed   – children to share their ideas with you to draw and write simple words and/or sentences using the sounds they hear in words and the keywords they know. See the image in the previous blog post.
  • Name writingpurple book- lines needed Capital letter  must be larger, all letters on the line , correct formation, see the formation sheet in your book   ( p g y f q go below the line). 3 times per week  What can you do to improve  it ?
  • Word/ Sentence writepurple book – lines needed Say then write a word/sentence from their  reading  book  (try not to copy) children to use  their recall and phonic skills, read the word/sentence together again x 3
  • Spring Time  –  looking in the garden, or in magazines ( free Tesco) talk about the signs of Spring. Create a Spring picture paint , draw, collage.Image result for kids spring time collage pictures
  • Draw a flower purple book –  with a stem, leaves and petals – choose the correct colours, look closely  at the shapes,  fine lines, and shades can you add these to your drawing.
  • Number – Log onto SUMDOG, the more you play the more it will adapt to your child’s individual learning ( 30 mins per week). You will also see CLIC 2 and 3 in your purple book  –  Take your time to have a go at one or two activities.
  • Shape Space and measure –  we are learning to name and describe 2D and 3D shapes. Google 3 D shape songs : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guNdJ5MtX1A

  • Say in order order and read the days of the week ( lsmall letters) / or  months of the year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5enDRrWyXaw
  • Pattern purple book 1. copy 2. continue  3. make a 3 colour  pattern or  object pattern.   x x x x x x x x …        o x z o x z o x z       spoon, fork, knife …
  • Full, half full, empty – you can use different containers in the sink or bath tub! Ask your child to show and tell you what each is.  
  • Draw and label  purple book a map from your bedroom to the kitchen, or garden map, or the way you walk to school !
  • Physical  – make an assault course indoors/ or out – over,  under, through – actions  verbs – running on the spot / jumping x 10/ crawling, etc . add some labels !
  • Dance The Car wash    make up actions to the music – Directions left /right, top bottom, walk  forward / back etc. ideas-  https://youtu.be/jVH83j0TcEA
    Recap the Frozen – Let it go! using a scarf/ tea towel, or make up one of your own!
  • Throw and catch session-  use different items to make it harder use smaller balls ,  (teddy, make a sock ball), step back increase the distance to challenge ! (aim to try and catch in hands without using body).   Hop scotch.   
  • Take Five breathing – play some relaxing ( Spring time / beach) music, sit or lay flat quietly and take slow breaths,  through the nose out through the mouth, slow each breath until breathing  feels calm. https://youtu.be/CTO4hAfABag

I will still be working throughout the day from home and part of my work will be checking the blog and electronic learning. 





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