12 thoughts on “Naughty Bus

  1. Tommy peacocks night bus he said would go to the beach and drive through the water so he can see lots and lots of sea creatures

      1. I have made a picture in my purple book today with sharks octopus and fish with different coloured patterns on them

        1. Hi Tommy great to hear you have started. You have night bus paper in your pack I would like you to think where he might go and write 3 sentences.
          Grown ups if you can draw some lines 1.5 cm apart and encourage him to think, say, say again and write his simple sentences, say those words slowly to hear the sounds you want to write. First the night bus went … Then he …. Last of all he went home.

  2. I think a night bus would go to jurassic world then go to the airport also it would go antartica and the arctic and it would go visit santa claus and the easter bunny.

    1. Hello Holly!

      That sounds great! hope you had a great weekend! It sounds like you have been very busy with crafts! Well done!

  3. I think the night bus would go to London and visit the queen and go to the London eye and Big Ben and finally go to London zoo to see all the animals

    1. What great ideas Jaxon. This week using your night bus paper in your work book you are ready to write your ideas.
      Grown ups you can help Jaxon by encouraging him to say each sentence twice before he writes. The night bus went to London. He visited the queen…Finally he went to the zoo to see all the animals before driving home to bed. ( please draw some lines on his paper about 1.5 cm apart and write in pencil ) Remember to form both capital letters and lower case letters correctly. I look forward to seeing your work. You can draw a picture too!

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