Welcome back everyone – Autumn 2019

It has been lovely to see you all in FSU again, we hope you have enjoyed your summer holiday.

The children have been adjusting to their new teachers and groups today  and we have been encouraging them all  ‘to respect their  toys and equipment’. (one of our school rules).

We have added a reading Tee pee to our environment as the children have shown us they like to read in cosy places. We have also added new books to our story boxes we hope you enjoy your weekend reading.





The new full-time school children in Mars  will be in  Priory church on Wednesday at 10.15  in the morning to receive their Bibles. We would love to see you and your families there.

What is your favourite summer memory ?

Which do you prefer and whyeating ice cream or splashing in a paddling pool?  

We have all begun chanting our numbers in sequence 1,2,3 or 1-5, 1-10 even 1-20 and beyond !

We look forward to reading your comments .




2 thoughts on “Welcome back everyone – Autumn 2019

  1. The reading Tee Pee sounds like a great idea I would have loved to have that and I would totally prefer splashing in a paddling pool

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