More people who help us

Welcome back everyone for the last half of the summer term.

We have been very lucky to have yet another visitor to FSU who helps us in their job. We have been looking at the role of the Paramedic. The children have been asking questions to find out information.

What things can  you recall from the visit?


Not everyone is keen to help …. we are reading the story of The Little Red Hen this week, Did The Little Red Hen do the right thing by not sharing the bread? What would you have done and why?

2 thoughts on “More people who help us

  1. Thanks to those who visited, seeing more people who help us and just being told all about their work is making a difference to my daughter. Whenever she sees the police officers she points them out saying that is the police, thanks for helping the kids to appreciate the work done by these wonderful people.

    1. I hope our visitors will see your special message. We are so grateful to all our visitors this term. Maybe your daughter will be able to tell you all about the fire officers and paramedics too.

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