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Fire fighters

Fire Fighters 

This week we are looking at the role of the fire fighters. We have been learning about the uniform and the equipment they need to do their job and keep everyone safe. 

We have been finding our FIRE EXIT signs, and remembering what we have to do if the Fire alarm goes off in school to be safe.


Take a look and listen carefully at this video clip –

Can you name 5 items you would find on a fire engine, or what a fire fighter needs for their  job.  Make a list and bring it in to show your teacher ! ( MME badge)

Well done to Mars for taking part in our run every day (Miles in May !)  We can see your running and fitness is improving. Keeping that steady pace is so important!


  • SAY  and WRITE Capital letters ( adults call them out ) How many in 3 minutes ?
  • Play bingo – use your ABC mat and counters/pennies to hide  the letter name when called out.