People who help us

We have been talking about Police officers, we know they have a uniform and some important equipment to be able to do their job. We have had fun making speeding tickets.

Take a look at the pictures, can you name, describe them and say how they are used in a sentence.


22 thoughts on “People who help us

    1. The Police dog is a very important animal and can you think of another animal which helps the Police in their job?

  1. I see police men who help us, a police car that police men drive to help people, a police dog who helps the police man and a police helicopter

    1. Hi Archie, great to see you on our blog. You have very good observing skills. Next time try giving us some good descriptive words to describe the details in your sentences.Keep blogging!

  2. Hi mrs neal this is jason in the picture I see police officers, police dogs, police cars, police motorcycles and police helicopters. All police officers wear uniforms and have walkie-talkies everywhere they go so they can talk to each other. The cars and other vehicles live at the police station and the police officers use them when they need to go somewhere. Police officers are used to help people if they are in danger. The police dogs are very helpful they sniff objects or places to find clues for there investigation.

    1. Hi Jason thank you for your information on the blog. You know lots of facts about the Police officers. I hope you are ready to learn about fire fighters this week. Keep blogging 🙂

  3. I like the policeman’s job. They have uniforms, notes, handcuffs, a gun, walkie-talkie, helicopters, a police car and tracking dogs.

    1. Hi Szymon, Yes they do, thank you for your writing too.We have added it to the WOW wall!

  4. Police officers use phones to talk.
    Police go nee naa nee naa in a police car.
    Police go in the sky in a helicopter to see us.
    Police dogs sniff.

    1. Thank you Nicholas you know lots about Police officers. why don;t you draw us a picture and bring it in for our WOW wall

  5. Police motor bikes go super fast to catch people speeding and give them a ticket for speeding .

  6. The police helicopter can watch you from in the sky while you are running and you can’t anywhere .

    1. That is right, they follow people with a heat seeking camera, and talk to police nearby.

    1. Yes you do, great to see so many blogs this week. I think you have the hang of it now.

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