Science week

Mars children have been learning about tunnels. We have looked at images of the ‘channel tunnel’. Our challenge was to build a tunnel, you have to be able to go through it !


Miss Crump’s group have been testing different liquids to see which one will go down the board the fastest. We all had a good guess and were surprised to see the result! Why not have a go at some experiments at home and tell us your results ?

Have a go at these additions what do you notice ?

2+1=             1+2 =

3+1  =           1+3 =

4+1 =           1+4 =

5+1 =           1+5 =

2 thoughts on “Science week

  1. I lic bilding tawers.
    This is my answers to the questions
    1. 2+1=3 2. 1+2=3 3.3+1= 4 4.1+3=4

    5.5+1=6 6.4+1=5 7.5+1=6 8.1+4= 5

    This is Leo Aryee I did this with the help of my big sister Atlanta
    And this is a few more my sister told me to do for my number line work.

    1. If my sister has 9 lollipops and I took away 3. How many Lollipops would I have? 6
    2. If my mom had 5 chocolate bars and I gave her 7 more how many would I have? 12
    3. If my dad has 10 apples and Braden has stolen 5. How many would I have? 5
    4. I had 10 T-shirts and gave 9 to charity how many would I have.1
    5. If I have 11 cookies and I ate 7. How many would I have? 4

    1. Hi Leo and Atlanta,
      WOW! Great to see that you are working together on the number learning in FSU. Your number problems are fantastic we will try similar ones with everyone this week.

      You are on your way to earning a ‘Star of the week’ badge Leo !

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