We’re going on a Bear hunt !

Wow what a busy week ! We have been on lots of bear hunts, walking and talking through the story.

Well done children if you remembered  all the different environments in the story; long wavy grass, deep cold river, thick  oozy mud !  etc.  

Celebration  Day

Yes we are encouraging our children and families to read and share stories even more  than their 10 minutes every day ! 
Remember to wear your pajamas so we can snuggle up and read together.  We look forward to seeing you all !

We are beginning to talk about lent and things we can give up like Jesus asked the disciples to do.  We will be talking about positive things we can do, to show we care. What could you give up for lent, or do that is kind or caring ? We have 24 fun ideas for you to try at home over the next  few weeks !





2 thoughts on “We’re going on a Bear hunt !

  1. I hope you enjoyed world book day today FSU we enjoyed sharing a story with you in year 6 I hope you enjoyed it to!

    1. We had a briliiant day Caitlin, lots of the children said reading and sharing books with older children was great and they would like to do it again!

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