Snow! Snow! Snow!

We couldn’t not  use all our senses to explore the snow ! What great fun we had.


We even caught a snowflake on our tongue!


Our Bible story this week was Jonah and the  Whale. Here is Chloe with her  drawing  and a few of us re-enacting the story with our fishing boats, a whale  and Jonah’s shelter.


If you could take 1 person on a boat with you who would you choose and why?


Letters and sounds are very important in our learning please help us to recognise them when you are out and about.  Mars children are moving onto the letter names when they know most of their letter sounds a b c d e  etc. 


Mrs Neal’s  phonics group have been working on letter names A B C and digraphs  two letters that make one sound ng,  sh and now  th. Hear are some sounds to blend and read

k i ng,    r i ng,   w i sh,     sh i  p,  th a t ,   th i s,  th i n 

Well done children with your counting in 10s , now you need to know those doubles. Double 1 is? double 2 is ? double 3 is ? double 4 is ? double 5 is ? 



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        1. Hi Daisy, thank you for looking at our blog we love to hear from everyone. Great to know your dad is your choice and good at surviving. we look forward to hearing from you again.

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