We are special and care for others

What a week ! To further develop or Listening and Attention, and Speaking the children have enjoyed a number of interactive stories read by are special visitor ‘Alice’. from the library service.

Rainbow fish was very beautiful and special but lonely, the starfish said go and see the wise octopus . He told the Rainbow fish to give away the shiny scales, was that a good idea? Should we always give away our things to have friends?



                                                               Odd sock day to support anti-bullying 

A special thank you to everyone who sent in something for our shoe box appeal, Melanie from Bluebell Wood came especially to collect our box. She showed us pictures of the children and families she helps. 

Project show case   – Wow, so many of you worked very hard on your projects, thank you grown ups for your encouragement and support.

1 thought on “We are special and care for others

  1. What a fab week Mars!
    You have been thinking very hard about our Rainbow Fish story and we have talked lots about what makes a good friend and how we can help others with our friendships!
    I really enjoyed seeing your projects and talking about how you made them and why you chose your ideas for your finished outcome 😊

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