I like books

What a great start to our week – ‘we lIke books !’ The children have been looking at and reading the book  I like books by Antony Browne.


We visited our local library to listen to a  funny story  read by Chris and to learn about different books.


We would love to know the title of your favourite book  and why you like it.

THINKING Time – Would it be a good idea if all books  had no words and why?

Mars children – we are looking forward to seeing your projects very soon !


4 thoughts on “I like books

  1. I have really enjoyed learning to write I like books on my own my mummy was very shocked and I think books with just pictures are good so you can make up your own story

    1. It is great to here you are writing at home Chloe! I enjoy picture books too as you can change the story and have fun writing your own words. We would all love to see your writing Chloe so bring it in next week !

  2. I love books, Leo reads all of the time but sometimes we forget to write it in his reading record. I love monster books because they are scary and dangerous. My favorite book is the shark in the park because I love the sharp, dirty and scary teeth.

    1. Thank you Leo for replying to our blog. I like to read too.I like Peace at last by Jill Murphy from our Author collection.

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