Have you got a funny bone?

We have been reading the FUNNY BONES story and learning about our skeletons.


Oliver and his Police dog have been reading the skeleton words

How many names of bones can you remember ?

In Mars we took a look at the bibles  given to us in our first week at school. We have been talking about the first story, creation.

What can you remember ? How many things can you recall ? How many days did it take to make the world and what did God do on the  last day?


Quick reply CLIC  questions

– How many fingers have you got ?  – Double 1 is,  double 2 is?  –  Half of 2 is    –   half of 4 is?  

2 thoughts on “Have you got a funny bone?

  1. funny bones is a book.
    the dog broke bones.
    they scare people in the dark.
    creepy house,creepy stairs,creepy seller.
    they scares each other.

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