September 2018 New beginnings!

Hello, and welcome back everyone!

The children have had great fun exploring their new environment and resources this week. We have transformed the FSU over the Summer to ensure we provide your children with the very best learning environment that enables them to be curious and imaginative in their learning. Please come along to our topic launch on Tuesday 11th September at 8.45 am or 2.45 pm  to find out how we will be  stimulating and developing your child’s interests this term with your help and support.

Here are some pictures of our first days   



Our Literacy book and language focus book will be the ‘Owl Babies‘ by Martin Waddell  & Patrick Benson

Thinking question

Is it better to be an adult owl (mummy) or a baby owl ? Don’t forget to tell me why.



13 thoughts on “September 2018 New beginnings!

  1. Hi Mrs Neal, I can’t wait for the rest of Mars I really enjoy playtime in Mars and the play doh. Today I have been playing in the sand pit and making a birthday cake out of rocks. My big sister Lakisha helped me make this blog post

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