Monthly Archives: February 2018

Old Toys and New Toys and a Chinese New Year experience

This week we plan to look at old and new toys perhaps you have some old toys at home belonging to your parents or grandparents? You can bring them in to talk about and share them with us.


We will also be talking about and looking into the similarities and differences  of other cultures – In the Chinese Calendar last year it was the year of the Rooster which animal will it be this year?

Challenge –  Can you say the 12 months of the year in our calendar in order ?


What are toys made of?

As part of our topic this term, the children are considering what some toys are made of.  They have found that they can be made of wood, metal, glass, fabric, stone or plastic. Some things we found can be made of a mixture of materials!

This morning Mars used construction to make some 3D shapes – can you see which shapes we made?

Outside in the garden the children continue to explore the resources – can you see children writing/mark making, using their large muscles to roll objects? We have also visited our talking friends at Westwood Home on National Dignity Day when we played parachute games and decorated buns!

Thinking Time…
Can you find objects around your house made from wood, metal, glass, fabric, stone or plastic? You could draw some and label them or make a list. Which material can you find the most of? Why do you think that might be?
Which is better…a wooden spoon or a plastic spoon? Why?