Monthly Archives: January 2018

Robot making!

We have had more fun this week reading and writing instructions to make robots. The grown ups had great fun helping us to make them. We even gave them names!


We have had lots of new children joining our F.S.U. this term and they have been exploring their  new environment.

Here are some of the children learning to fill and empty containers and use mathematical words, more, all gone, and say numbers. We are also looking at 2D shapes circle ,square  triangle and rectangle and describing them – how many corners?

Why not tell your teacher which is your favourite shape and why?

The 3D shape names are even more fun to say sphere, cube, cylinder and cuboid. Have you been on a shape hunt at home, which is the hardest shape to find?

Toy – Robots

Week 22nd January we will be looking closely at robots and programmable toys . Perhaps you have one at home to show us?

We hope you will come along and help us to make a 3D robot from your recycled boxes on one of our robot making days. Please sign up with your child’s class teacher next week and bring in your small boxes, kitchen rolls, bottle tops etc.


We have had lots of parents who came to help make robots today – here are some pictures just getting started…

And here we are with our finished robots – can you see how proud of them we are?


Mars enjoyed weighing the ingredients for cook to make their flapjacks for lunch on Thursday. We used  the words heavy and light, heaviest and lightest as we measured the oats,sugar and butter.  We used our number recognition to look at the scales and add the numbers to our chart. Did it taste good?

Sock Thing – well done everyone we had great fun making our Sock Things using instructions. Here are a few can you remember what  you did first, next, then and last of all?    

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Thinking Time…

I met a monster on the way home last night and he asked if he could come to school tomorrow. Should we say yes or no? Why do you think this?


Mud mud glorious mud !

The mud kitchen is ready to use –  here are some of the children trying it out.

If you or your friends and family have any large, plastic kitchen utensils that you do not use we would be very grateful if you would donate them to us. We are looking for a few large wooden spoons, plastic  spatulas, and soup ladles etc.  Please see a member  of our staff team.   



The children are learning to dress and undress in their new waterproof clothing, they are taking turns and sharing, they are using their fine-motor skills and their imaginations whilst developing their expressive language skills as they talk about their ideas and thoughts. It was definitely “sticky, sloppy and squelchy” mud this week!

Mars one of our new CLIC challenges this term is to chant our numbers in 10’s, to 50

10, 20, 30, 40, 50. 

Can you spot any of these numbers in the street, in the shops, on doors or signposts?

Keep working on your numbers to 10 and 20 too !



Welcome back after the Christmas break. If you haven’t heard already this term we are exploring Toys. This week we have been talking and writing about Kipper the dog and his toy box.

Can you make a list of all his toys and bring it in to show your Teachers?


Which toy is more fun to play with and why ? Please tell us your thoughts and remember there is a special sticker for our blogger of the week.

Our Topic Launch is Wednesday we would love to see you and show you the learning we have planned for the term. Watch out for your curriculum letter and Knowledge Organiser with lots more information.