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It’s nearly our Nativity!

The children have been busy practising the Nativity and are getting very excited to show it to you next week!

In between practices the children have been playing and exploring the unit both inside and outside.


As outdoor experiences are an important part of our learning can we please ask that your child comes to school with a hat, gloves, a scarf and a warm coat.


Thinking Time

Are the clouds in under or above the sky? Why do you think this?


One of our favourite books of all times is ‘Elmer’ and we’ve been reading it a lot! We’ve really enjoyed finding out how Elmer tricked the other elephants by covering himself in elephant-coloured berries.

You can watch and listen to the story by following this link.

We have made our own patchwork Elmers by choosing different colours of paper to make a collage with. Next we would like to try printing a patchwork Elmer.


Thinking time…


Thinking Time!

These animals are from our story, ‘Dear Zoo’. Can you put them in order from most scary to least scary?

Can you write sentences to explain your thinking?

I think the scariest animal is the……………………because………………

I think the least scary animal is the …………………because……………

Harold has been helping us to keep healthy inside and out

Harold is having some help from Thomas to brush his hair.

Wiggly Worship at Priory Church.

The children have been thinking of Jesus as the light of the world.

Here is some of our outdoor writing.

Ben squirting his phonemes and strengthening his fingers ready for writing.

We have done lots of counting this week and matching our numerals. Please help your child to do this at home all the way up to 10, then 20.


This week we were lucky enough to visit the library in Worksop where we listened to some stories about jungle animals and had the chance to look at some books ourselves too! Many thanks to the library for allowing us to invade your special place and reading us some great stories!

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