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Dear Zoo

Welcome back!  Our book this week has even more animals in it. Can you describe them using the words from the book?

     Who is too grumpy, jumpy, fierce, scary, naughty, tall,or BIG!!?

This week a mystery pet is to arrive in FSU, What could it be?

 Writing numbers and amounts    

 Strengthening our fingers ready for writing  

 Archie has been writing his name.    

We are looking forward to going to our local library this week.

There’s been a rumble in the jungle!



We have been writing in the jungle this week, drawing animals and listening for letter sounds in animal names. Harrison and Mia have been writing their key words.

                     How many letter sounds or words can you write ?

Don’t forget to have a go at the Knowledge Organiser activity next week . We can’t wait to see your emotion  posters (send them in by the first week of November).

                          Children working together – ‘my turn, your turn’

Here is the link to a jungle song and dance we have enjoyed too!

Some of the Shooting Stars visited our talking friends again this morning. We had a lovely time threading together. We also acted out the story ‘Walking in the Jungle’ and sang some songs.

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Thinking Time!

Mrs Neal met a monkey yesterday who would like to come and join us. Would it be a good idea or a bad idea to have a monkey in the unit?
Don’t forget to use ‘because’ in your answer!

  See you all after half term, from us all in the FSU Staff Team  


This week we took advantage of the wind and went outside with long ribbons on sticks to see them blow about. We also twirled our ribbons making letter shapes.


Here we are learning to hear the first letter sounds in words – jungle animals.

Jenson is recognising his letters  shapes when he hears the sound. Why not have a go at playing I spy this weekend?


Thinking Time

Which of these animals is the hungriest?

Why do you think this? Remember to use the word because in your answer.


This week we are still enjoying reading Nick Sharratt’s book, ‘Pants!’ Some of us have painted pants and added glitter. Some of us have decorated pants with crayons and pens. Some of us have used counters, jewels and buttons to make our pants look beautiful. We have also read some other books by the same author – do you know any of these?

Our garden has been enhanced with the addition of some tyres – and we are exploring them to find out what we can do with them. We can roll them, we can build them up, we can count them, we can hide in them, we can make trains out of them…what else can we do with them?

The Autumn winds have given us some fun – picking up the different colours, finding big and small leaves and sweeping them up…

Thinking Time!

Which of these hats is the odd one out? Remember to use the word because…

Talking Friends and New Friends

Following our second visit to Westwood Care Home this week, we thought you might like to see some pictures of some of our children sharing puppets with the service users, our new talking friends.

At the school pond this week we met some more new friends – 4 Khaki Campbell ducks! We looked on the internet to see what they eat – and found they like grass and sometimes snails!

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