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Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to

Myka, for winning the ‘Early Years Progress Award’ for her all round progress this year from her starting point in September. Her amazing will and determination in all areas of her learning, her increased confidence to asks questions and her ability to challenge herself in all she does. She has shown a desire to achieve and be the best she can be throughout  her year in the Foundation Stage .

Dylan, for winning ‘Star of the Year’ for his, willingness to learn and succeed when faced with a challenge. His outstanding progress in reading writing and maths.  His  positive attitude, helpfulness, kindness, and his  amazing smile that has brightened everyone’s  day  all year!

William, for winning ‘Star of the Term’  for his increased confidence and improvement in reading, writing and excellent project work this term.

Stars go to White Post Farm

Today the Shooting Stars finally went to White Post Farm …in glorious weather! We had a wonderful time and saw so many animals. We gave food to the ducks and geese and learned that it tickles when llamas, goats or sheep eat food from our hands. We found out the names of the mummy and daddy animals, such as sow and boar, as well as some of the baby names such as piglet. We watched a goat being milked and felt the bowl after so we knew it was warm. We also got to stroke a mouse, a chick and a snake! Finally we had time to play in the playground where we had a LOT of fun on tractors and a huge climbing frame. Thank you to the grown ups who came with us- we really appreciate your support.

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Part-timers sports day 2

Another great turnout of parents came to watch their children take part in their sports day this afternoon – and found themselves taking part in the warm up!

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All the children who took part are to be congratulated for their efforts and sportsmanship – cheering for their friends.

Thank you again to all the parents who supported both sports day events. And thank you to the terrific Year 4 sports leaders with their enthusiasm and energy.


The children have been interested in transport so we have been talking about different boats and even had a go at making one using a milk bottle top and other lids. In Mars we looked more closely at our design and modified them as necessary to take part in a boat race!