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Ready, Steady, Chef!

A big thank you to Mr. Bayer, our egg-spert of the week who came to school to explain how to make a cheese and chive omelette and what a great job it is being a chef. We learned lots of new words such as palette knife, grater and frying pan. We thought about what else you could put into an omelette.

White Post Farm – part 1

Last week saw Mrs Hurt’s part-time children visit White Post Farm as part of our topic, ‘People who help us in places around us’. The weather was kind and the children were fantastically behaved – the adults were very proud of them. Below are just a few of the pictures that reflect what a great and varied time the children had.


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Time to think….

Would you rather…

Use the word ‘because’ to help explain your answer.

The Big Toddle is back!

Today the part time children did their bit for Barnado’s charity by wearing bright colours and travelling along an obstacle course. Some even had their faces painted! After all that hard toddling we had some juice and biscuits before playing in the Foundation Stage Unit. Our toddles rounded off with a story and some songs. A big thank you to everyone who came and helped to make it a huge success – we will let you know how much we raised soon.

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Knowlege and understanding of the world – Butterflies

This week we also observed the changes in the last stage of the life cycle of a butterfly.  The children were very excited to find out on Wednesday the first butterfly had emerged from the chrysalis (cocoon).

We agreed it was the right thing to do to release them to allow them to fly away to find a flower to get nectar and hopefully to lay their small white eggs on a leaf.

Places around us – the church

This week we have been learning and talking about what is a church.   Here are some of the picture from our very own Priory Church.

We have been thinking about the things we find in them and the things we do in there.

Dottie and Buzz have been explaining about a Baptism.


Why not have a go at our quiz?

 Can you put names to each of the things we see in our church?


           1. We made some of these this week using gummed or tissue paper 


2. A special place found at the front of the church 


                                    3. Dottie and Buzz were showing us what was inside this too.


 4. A musical instrument, do you know who sits here? 


                                                       5. This door leads to the …? Something to listen too.

               6. Something unusual  on the wall !