Monthly Archives: May 2017

Road safety

This week Mrs Wilkinson came in to help us learn all about road safety. She is our ‘Lollipop Lady’ and lots of the children cross the road with her as they walk to school. She has a special uniform too. We all crossed the road safely with her help.

Thank you Mrs Wilkinson! 

Can you remember children what to do ?



People who help us – Nurse Howe

This week we had a special visitor Nurse Howe come to the FSU to  talk to us about her job. She wore her special blue uniform and told us all about how she helps people. We also learned how important it is to keep our  bodies healthy.

Thank you Nurse Howe !

We are waiting and watching the caterpillars grow they are getting much fatter. Hopefully they will begin spinning their cocoons soon.

 Mars children planted some pea seeds this week as well, now we will have to wait and watch them grow too.   



Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Picnic

What a lot of fun we had yesterday at our Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Picnic! We loved seeing so many parents and their children enjoying a delicious picnic followed by a great time splashing through puddles, collecting twigs and leaves to make works of art and joining in a sing-song. A huge thank you to everyone who helped to make it a success. There are more pictures in the Worksop Guardian – Worksop youngsters raise charity cash with a Peppa Pig puddle walk  –

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Asda bakery – thank you!

Today the part-time shooting stars and some of the Mars children visited the Asda bakery as part of our learning about The Little Red Hen. We found lots of different types of bread on the shelves and were even lucky enough to see some bread being baked in a very hot oven. Then we bought some flour and yeast so that we can make our own bread!