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Jasper’s Beanstalk

This week we are going to use the story of Jasper and his beanstalk to learn about and sequence the days of the week. Can you say them in order?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

We are also going to be talking about and doing the actions to all the things he did in the story to help his seed grow.

On Tuesday it will be Shrove Tuesday a feast held the day before the beginning of Lent. Lent is a time when Christians are getting ready for Easter.

Here is a little  pancake rhyme for you to learn

Mix a pancake,

Stir a pancake,

Pop it in the pan,

Fry the pancake,

Toss the pancake,

Catch it if you can!

Why don’t you tell us what you like to eat your pancake with?

Can you guess your teacher’s favourite topping?

Don’t forget Thursday is ‘World Book Day’ !  We can’t wait to see you dressed up as a book character and to share even more books with you.

We look forward to all your replies.

Children, Children, what can you hear?

Hello children ! This week you will need your ears. We are going to be listening to the sounds the animals make in the story, Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear?


Can you write a sentence from the story this week? Remember to include the animal’s name and sound.  

A good tip for you is to say the word very slowly so you can hear each sound and repeat again if you missed it. I’m waiting to be impressed by children who type the sounds themselves this week and a Marvellous Me badge will be waiting for you.    

Adult / Child fun activity  to try

This week we will be going on a listening walk, perhaps you could try this when you are out and about or at home too!  Don’t forget to tell us, write a list or draw a picture of,  all the amazing things you have heard.

New arrivals …hens !!!!!!

 Here are our new hens

We are thinking about names for them, do you have any ideas?


Our hens need names!

If you would like to enter our competition to name a hen, then please send in either 20p per ticket or £1 for 5. The children’s own names will go onto the raffle tickets. If your child’s name is pulled out then they may name a hen!

Roaring rockets and Shooting stars have been practising writing tricky letters using a ribbon outside.