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Can’t you sleep, little bear?

This week our story book has been ‘Can’t you sleep, little bear’. We have had a bear cave where the children could creep in and feel cosy and safe and read a story.

To make a bear cave we first had to learn how to tear paper.

We have all made fans to celebrate the Chinese new year – this is Lucy with hers.

Thinking time…

When Little Bear finally went to sleep, what do you think he dreamed about?



Chinese New Year 2017 – Year of the Rooster

Some of the afternoon children creating Chinese style dances.

Xin nian (new year) hao (good), which is pronounced shin nee-an how, is how to wish someone happy new year! We have been tasting Chinese food, writing the numbers to 10 in Mandarin and building the Great Wall of China!


We are really enjoying reading all about the adventures that the Priory Bears are having at your houses. Oluwanifemi took Priory Bear to Tots at Twilight and they both had a fantastic time! What will Priory Bear do with you? Go shopping? Play some games?


Can you tell Mrs Neal 5 facts about polar bears on the blog?

Thinking time…

Can you find some things that are the same and some things that are different between polar bears and brown bears?


Priory Bear begins his adventures


We have our Priory bears and their backpacks to be sent home with you children. Remember to write down all the exciting things he gets up to in his diary, we are looking forward to reading them. Here he is with Henry at our Twilight club!

Mars have begun measuring bears with different objects – this week you can see Dylan and William measuring the brown bear using cubes. 

This is just what we are looking for in your project Mars.

Look who’s been matching carefully with different colours and sizes of bears this week?

We have had more fun writing words from, and the story of Goldilocks. We even listened to a puppet show then used the puppets to retell the story using the puppet theater  ourselves.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears – a busy week

Here we are at our ‘Topic Launch’ a special thank to everyone who could make it  to see what we will be learning in the next few weeks.


We have already begun using the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Here are some of the things we have been learning to do this week.

 Using a Goldilocks and the Three Bears reading app.     Building a bear house with a door.


Following a recipe and eating porridge! Did you like the porridge?

We also used the computer to find out if there were bears anywhere in England. We found some bears who live in the Yorkshire Wildlife park.

Follow the link to see  a short clip and some information on their web page. Click on animals and then Polar Bears

Polar Bears

Do you have a bear fact to share with us?

Please tell us your fact by writing it as a comment thank you.

Learning to mix paints to make a bear colour

Happy New Year!

What a welcome back to the new school year it was – all the children present and looking ready to learn. Our topic this term is ‘Bears’ and we’re bear-y excited about it! We’re so excited we’ve been drawing bears!

Lacey-May has been practising her numbers at home – can you order the numbers to 10 like Lacey-May?

Can you find things that are the same with this zebra and the horse?

Use the word ‘because’ in your answer, e.g. the horse and zebra are the same because they each have 2 ears.

Now can you find some things that are different? Use the word ‘because’ again in your answer.