Monthly Archives: November 2016

Celebrating 25 years of Priory School !


We are celebrating Priory C of E Primary school/academy being open for twenty five years ! Perhaps you or your friends and family have a happy memory you can share with us on our blog.


This week we have been discussing dinosaurs as Harry took his to school.

abc Well done Oluwanifemi you have made an alphabet.

Mars children have been working on their  letter sounds in words and making sentences with words. Harry went to school.

Do we have  super blog children this week who can type their own words or a sentence about dinosaurs?

Question of the week – would it be a good idea to have living dinosaurs in the world? Don’t forget to tell us why!


Who lives  on the dark, dark hill in the dark, dark town, on the dark, dark street, in a dark, dark house, down the dark, dark staircase, in the dark, dark cellar?

Shooting Stars and Roaring Rockets say…the skeletons!


Mars have some new learn its this week – keep working on learning that half of 2 is 1 and half of 4 is 2.

Shooting stars have been learning to say which of 2 things is taller than the other. We have also been looking at shapes in the tent with torches!dsc08696


Special delivery – a big thanks to Mr. Abbott for  our new writing board. Here is some of our work from this week…

wall wall-2