Monthly Archives: September 2016

Bath a baby week!

This week we have had baby Scarlett and baby Holly visit us in FSU. We watched the babies being bathed and learned all about the things they need such as nappies, babygrows and what they have in their changing bags.

011 019 What did the babies’ mums have to do before they went in the bath? What about after they were clean?

The children have been learning ‘The body song’ – can your child sing it to you?

Do you know your Learn Its?

Mars – how many fingers do you have?

Roaring Rockets & Shooting Stars – quick see and say (show a picture, say the name)

May we remind you to send in a baby photo to add to our wall displays?

We hope you have found the curriculum letter useful!

All About Me

Welcome back everyone to our new topic All About Me. We hope you have had a good summer break.

We launched our topic on Wednesday with our thoughts and plans. Watch out for our curriculum letter with further details.

Here are the new Mars children looking very smart in their new school uniforms.


We are the new ‘Roaring Rockets and Shooting Stars’

am-rockets am-stars pm-stars pm-rockets

Next week we have a special baby coming to be bathed. We would like to talk about ourselves when we were babies so if you could bring a named baby photo next week we can see how we have changed.

New term, new school year, new teacher!

Hello, I’m Mrs Cawte, the new teacher in the Foundation Stage. Having met and chatted to most of the children in the unit, who have settled back into school really well after the holiday,  I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself. This is my second year teaching at the Priory although I have been teaching for more years than I care to count! I have 3 grown up children, 2 of which work in schools, 2 dogs and 2 cats. I love being out and about in the countryside walking with my dogs. i look forward to seeing lots of you at the topic launch on Tuesday.