Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Three Little Pigs

What a super story, we have been learning to retell the story in sequence with songs too!

“Trotting down the road, trotting down the road, three little pigs on a big adventure trotting down the road”

“Have you any straw for sale , straw for sale straw for sale?                                                        Have you any straw for sale to build my house this morning ? ”                                                          ( repeat with sticks and bricks.)

. TLP 3 A little pig in a tall brick house.

TLP 2 Designing  and making on the table top map. TLP 1

Our highlight to end the week was the trip on the minibus to Clumber Park. We met some of the story characters and even helped to make the houses with the different materials. Of course the wolf  blew them down … well except for one. Watch out for our visit photographs coming soon !