Monthly Archives: May 2016

Wet and dry week!


We have been investigating materials…


to see which are waterproof


Here we are making shapes in puddles

w 5

with the ducks who came to look!

wet 9

Welcome to Priory Car wash

wet 11

We can offer a wash and polish to make your car shine. Don’t forget to squeeze the sponge!


Mars children were challenged to find a waterproof material to make teddy an umbrella. What fun we had !

wet 6

wetb 7

wet 8

wet 10

Perhaps you could search for more waterproof materials at home?

Night and day week

This week we shared the book ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ by Martin Waddell we focussed on the opposite ‘Day and Night’. We looked at letters we post and how they are sorted on the night train by postal workers.

po 1 Here is Alexcia in our Post Office

We have been using chalk to create handwriting patterns on our bears.

po 2

Perhaps you would like to talk about nocturnal animals together. Mars children have used the internet to learn all about them.

Next week we shall be investigating ‘wet and dry’.



The story of Dogger by Shirley Hughes

d 1 Capture d 2 Capture

This story fitted well with our Happy and sad week. Dave loses his favourite soft toy ‘Dogger’ and his big sister Bella saves the day. Mars children looked at the happy and sad points in the story, whilst Comet children made a happy and sad face puppet to take home.

Next week our opposite to investigate will be day and night. Maybe you can talk about animals who come out at night and jobs people do through the night.