Monthly Archives: April 2016

Loud and quiet week in FSU


Our book this week was SHOO! by Michael Rosen which is set in a farmyard and allowed us to think about farm animals and their noises. Children had a go at making a farm using  a variety of construction sets all week.

o3  o2

What fun we had identifying the animals hidden in our ice mountain!


Comet children were busy listening to sounds in the environment while Mars children listened to loud and quiet sounds on Mr Abbott’s ukelele. We looked closely to sketch the ukelele.


o6     o1

Next week we shall report on the opposite’ Happy and Sad’

Happy Bank Holiday everyone !


Opposites !

Welcome back everyone, we have begun our new topic of opposites. This week we have looked at the opposite – hot  and cold. We have really enjoyed our snacks which have  included ‘hot dogs’ , hot baguette, cold jelly and even an ice lolly!

C 4 apture C 3


This term just like every other class in school we will  be looking at how things grow.

C 2

This is us planting Petunias to put in the poly tunnel on the playground.  What fun we had with our gardening tools and compost!

Next week we will be concentrating on a new opposite … loud and quiet.