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Xin Nian Hao – Happy New Year !

Chb4               Shan is a Classical Chinese dancer who visits us every year.                               This year is the year of the monkey and we made our own monkey puppets.

C h 8  Ch6o

We used bricks to recreate the Great Wall of China. Did you know you can see this from space?

Ch 5

Ch 2 Welcome to our Chinese banquet!

We have eaten noodles, rice with sweetcorn and peas and prawn crackers.

Can you remember our Chines New Year song?

Cat on the mat by Brian Wildsmith

cat         Cat 3

We have used the book of the week as a rhyming and creative focus. Everyone in FSU has collaged an animal to sit on their roller printed mat.


Cat 4

Mars children have investigated rhyming pairs of words

Cat 2

Big Maths  has been all about doubling and halving. We experimented with our snack.

Cat 5

Bee bots are one of our technological toys. We have been learning to operate them with Mr Cawkill.  To make them move we have to programme them and give them instructions.

Next week we celebrate Chinese New Year.

Do you know which zodiac animal 2016 is the year of?