Monthly Archives: January 2016

We love Kipper the dog !

Capture kIPPER

We have asked all the children to bring a sock to school next week to make a ‘sock thing ‘ like Kipper has in his toy box. (We have sent you a text)

Capture big maths

Big Maths has come to FSU along with Pim the alien and his pet dog Squiggleworth. These photos show ‘Big Maths’ in action this week.

Capture num

Capture big maths a

Capture big maths B Double 5 is ten !

We have also been using ICT in our learning about toys this week.

Capture ICT 1

Capture ict


Welcome back to our new topic of ‘TOYS’

We launched our topic with the book ‘The Toy Maker ‘by Martin Waddell. Our role-play became a toy shop and as you can see we had great fun dressing up.


Capture 5


Capture 2

Talking about our own toys that we brought into school , reading to them and drawing them has been great fun.

Capture 6

Making toys with our construction sets and responding to challenges has helped us to plan and think what to do next.

Capture 8            Capture 7