Library trips

Thank you  Chris for making our library visit so much fun. We enjoyed listening to and joining with a range of books. One of our favorite was ‘The wide – mouthed Frog’.



Joining the Worksop Library  is free and easy to do – just call in and someone will be very happy to help you.

This summer there is another ‘Reading  challenge’ for all children  with smelly stickers to enjoy. Mischief makers fun day – with   Horrid Henry ! is on Monday 30th July and every Thursday there are drop in activities from 26th July to 30th August, 11.00am – 2pm. Also a ‘SUMMER SAFETY ROADSHOW’ featuring emergency services vehicles on 7th August. On Friday 10th August there is a performance of’ The Gingerbread Man‘  – tickets only £6/£3 . There are some fantastic things happening, don’t forget to tell us all about them on our blog. More information is available at http://INSPIRECULTURE.ORG.UK

Hot Weather

Making the most of the hot weather, the children enjoyed a treat as a snack this week…

Talking Friends

Some of the morning children were lucky enough to go fishing before the half term break…with our talking friends! The children and residents of Westwood had lots of fun catching fish and singing fishy songs together!

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The children also sang the ‘How do you do?’ song whilst shaking hands with the residents and enjoying talking with them.

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Our book for the next few weeks is ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children are really enjoying acting out the story around the unit.

Thinking time…

If you were a little pig, what would you build your house out of? You might choose a new material such as glass, metal or fabric. Write a sentence to explain your choice.

I would build my house out of metal because…

Frogs, celebrations and a wedding to a prince!

This week we will be talking about changes and growing. The tadpoles are growing quickly and I’m sure it wont be long now before we see the first legs.

Congratulations to the children who earned their TALK BOOST certificates this week. We are very proud of your achievements in your listening and talking. A special thank you to the parents who joined in with the activities at home, we couldn’t do it without you.


Talking is so important in our learning and development not to mention great fun!


We will be learning and talking about the Church, the things we find in them, and what they are used for.

This fits in with the up and coming ‘Royal Wedding’ we can wait to see you in your red white and blue clothes on Friday to celebrate.


Who is this and what is happening on Saturday?  

 Can you name the princes  and princess in this picture ?                 

                                                                                                    Here is a Queen do you know her name?


Can you tell us any interesting facts about the Royal Family?


Talking Friends

Each Thursday some of the part-time morning children go to visit their ‘Talking Friends’ – the residents of Westwood Care Home. This year Westwood is hoping to retain its award for 1st place in the Blooming Marvellous competition and has been busily preparing lots of decorated pots to be filled with an array of colourful blooms. That sounded like something we wanted to be a part of so, armed with an array of bedding plants, the children worked alongside a few residents to pot some summer bloomers.

The team of children and residents also worked to create a collage of flowers.