Science week

Mars children have been learning about tunnels. We have looked at images of the ‘channel tunnel’. Our challenge was to build a tunnel, you have to be able to go through it !


Miss Crump’s group have been testing different liquids to see which one will go down the board the fastest. We all had a good guess and were surprised to see the result! Why not have a go at some experiments at home and tell us your results ?

Have a go at these additions what do you notice ?

2+1=             1+2 =

3+1  =           1+3 =

4+1 =           1+4 =

5+1 =           1+5 =

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Hello again, we  have been sharing the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears this week.

We are learning new words and starting to draw and write the story  too.


The children have enjoyed making and eating  porridge for snack. They have mixed the dry  oats with water  and heated it, in the microwave before eating  it when it was ‘ just right !’

Our Priory Bear is on his way to you,  so please remember to  have fun and record the adventures in the diary provided. The children are very interested to find out what the bear has been up to when he comes back to school.




World Book Day


Wow! What a fantastic day full of reading and sharing brilliant books dressed in our pyjamas.

The FSU children shared books at Wiggly Worship, and with our talking friends at Westwood.

We had children from Year 3 who had made their own books  to read with us  and we shared books with our brothers, sisters, parents and carers.

Mr Little wood walked us through the jungle so we made  exciting animal sounds and the teachers read to us too!

Thank you to everyone for making it a great fun day in FSU and school. 

We challenge you all to complete the star sheet sent home let us know when you have done them all and tell us which was your favourite?

Keep reading a little every day 

We’re going on a Bear hunt !

Wow what a busy week ! We have been on lots of bear hunts, walking and talking through the story.

Well done children if you remembered  all the different environments in the story; long wavy grass, deep cold river, thick  oozy mud !  etc.  

Celebration  Day

Yes we are encouraging our children and families to read and share stories even more  than their 10 minutes every day ! 
Remember to wear your pajamas so we can snuggle up and read together.  We look forward to seeing you all !

We are beginning to talk about lent and things we can give up like Jesus asked the disciples to do.  We will be talking about positive things we can do, to show we care. What could you give up for lent, or do that is kind or caring ? We have 24 fun ideas for you to try at home over the next  few weeks !





Whatever Next !

Hi everyone, well we had fun at the end of term reading yet another great bear story Whatever Next . Many of us went to the moon with a picnic  in the rockets we made .

  Can you retell the story ?   

This week We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and finding out even more bear facts.

Well done  everyone, we have looked at Polar bears, Panda Bears and now  Brown bears too. Why not share your brown bear facts on our blog we look forward to reading them.



Snow! Snow! Snow!

We couldn’t not  use all our senses to explore the snow ! What great fun we had.


We even caught a snowflake on our tongue!


Our Bible story this week was Jonah and the  Whale. Here is Chloe with her  drawing  and a few of us re-enacting the story with our fishing boats, a whale  and Jonah’s shelter.


If you could take 1 person on a boat with you who would you choose and why?


Letters and sounds are very important in our learning please help us to recognise them when you are out and about.  Mars children are moving onto the letter names when they know most of their letter sounds a b c d e  etc. 


Mrs Neal’s  phonics group have been working on letter names A B C and digraphs  two letters that make one sound ng,  sh and now  th. Hear are some sounds to blend and read

k i ng,    r i ng,   w i sh,     sh i  p,  th a t ,   th i s,  th i n 

Well done children with your counting in 10s , now you need to know those doubles. Double 1 is? double 2 is ? double 3 is ? double 4 is ? double 5 is ? 



Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See ?

Hello everyone,  we have been reading the story with all the amazing animals and thinking about the colour  adjectives describing them!

Have you ever seen a blue horse ?  What colour would you choose for a horse  if  it could be any colour and why?


    Is it a good idea to have horses in our FSU Garden, because …?  

CLIC – Come on Mars children shout it out !

How many fingers on each hand and altogether ? 

Chant your numbers to 50 in tens : 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 … can you go beyond ?

We have been having fun listening and talking about the story of Noah and the Ark




Polar Bear Polar Bear What do you Hear?

 Image result for polar bear polar bear what do you hear activities for preschool

We began the week having fun reading this book, many of us enjoyed naming the different animals and making their sounds. Can you recall all their names and sounds?

Polar bears are very interesting animals and we have been finding out about where they  live and what they eat. Have you an interesting fact to share with us?

Polar bears swimming in open water are capable of swimming incredible distances, according to a  study. They have been recorded regularly swimming over 30 miles (48 kilometers) and, in one case, as far as 220 miles (354 kilometers)