Toys and more toys !

Welcome back everyone to a new year and decade 2020!

We are going to be looking at our toys in more detail this term exploring, materials and how they work and why we like them so much. We look forward to seeing you at our topic launch.

Our next author of the term is –  Mick Inkpen. He is an English author and illustrator of  children’s books, best known for his creations Kipper the Dog and Wibbly Pig. Kipper had a toy box but something strange happened  in this story do you remember  ? 


Wow what a week!

We have  enjoyed learning about the nativity story. The children have learnt lots of songs and dressed up to perform the story.

Our younger children had a ‘Wriggly Nativity’  at Priory church

Thank you to everyone for supporting us, the children have gained so much  in  confidence, there have been many Magical moments  We even  sang for our friends at Westwood too!






Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic half term.

This week, we are continuing our topic of ‘Pattern and Sounds’ with the story Elmer.


At the end of the story, all the elephants decorate themselves in different colours and patterns. Which decoration do you like the most? Why do you like that decoration the most?

Handa’s surprise

We have shared another great story in FSU  this week with more animal and fruit names  to learn.

To help us learn to count we have shared Handa’s Hen with even more animals and birds  and adjectives to learn.

Which is your favourite and why

CLIC – DOUBLE 1 IS ?         DOUBLE 2 IS ? 

We have had great fun making animal masks and dancing with them in the hall ! 


Dear Zoo

We are continuing to learn about  jungle/ zoo animals . This week we are using the dear zoo book to extend our language to use adjectives to describe the animals Which animal was too jumpy, too grumpy, too fierce ?


Which animal was  too fierce, too grumpy, too jumpy ?

Have you any ideas for other animals or sea creatures?

This  week we have been learning facts about zebras her is a little quiz to test your knowledge

  1. Are zebra stripes the same on other  zebras?
  2. How do zebras run away from danger? 
  3. Which animal family do they belong to? 
  4. Do zebras eat other animals? 
  5.  What do you call a baby zebra? 




Rain rain go away !


The rain  gave us lots of opportunities to dress and undress independently into our waterproof clothing and wellington boots! We had great fun with even more patterns in the water trays and catching the rain in our buckets !

We have also been looking at the planting beds. We found carrots, onions and a big tomato.

Mars CLIC learn its

How many fingers have you got ? 

Double 1 is?            Double 2 is ?  

Lots of  parents and carers ask what can we do at home to help with learning , well we hope you have taken a good look at  and are using the knowledge organiser  in the back of your reading record to help your child learn.

Mars you have a project to complete, we cant wait to see them!


HI there,

This week we are sharing the book PANTS  – Do you know which author wrote this one ?

Why not try singing along to the song

Which is your favorite book by Nick Sharatt now – Zoopermarket,  Ketchup on your cornrlakes, My Mum and dad make me laugh or Pants?

Number CLIC – How many fingers have you got ?

We know you like to help your child at home with their learning. your Knowledge Organiser has been attached to your reading record, we hope you have fun with the  activities we have suggested.

This week we have been using our jungle animals to play ‘Kims Game’. How many animals can you name ?


Apple week – we will be learning all about apples exploring  their taste, shape, comparing sizes, looking at changes as they rot.





Mum and Dad make me laugh

Hello everyone

This week our story is My Mum and Dad make me Laugh by Nick Sharatt 


Do your mum or dad make you laugh ? We would love to hear what makes you laugh.

We have begun exploring pattern-  spots and stripes, there are lots of animals with stripes and spots how many do you know ?

What would happen if animals lost their stripes ? 

Please take a look at your Knowledge Organiser found this week in the back of your reading record and help your child in their learning.

Keep saying your numbers in order ! – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Welcome back everyone – Autumn 2019

It has been lovely to see you all in FSU again, we hope you have enjoyed your summer holiday.

The children have been adjusting to their new teachers and groups today  and we have been encouraging them all  ‘to respect their  toys and equipment’. (one of our school rules).

We have added a reading Tee pee to our environment as the children have shown us they like to read in cosy places. We have also added new books to our story boxes we hope you enjoy your weekend reading.





The new full-time school children in Mars  will be in  Priory church on Wednesday at 10.15  in the morning to receive their Bibles. We would love to see you and your families there.

What is your favourite summer memory ?

Which do you prefer and whyeating ice cream or splashing in a paddling pool?  

We have all begun chanting our numbers in sequence 1,2,3 or 1-5, 1-10 even 1-20 and beyond !

We look forward to reading your comments .