Mars went to White Post Farm

What a fantastic day!

We fed the animals,  watched chicks hatching, held animals, learnt how to mik and look after different animals all thanks to Farmer George.






Which was your favorite animal and why?  can you tell us an interesting animal fact ?

We enjoyed our lunch together explored the reptile house and then had even more fun in the adventure play area!


Busy Busy Busy

Wow, what a busy few weeks we have had in F.S.U, here are just a few pictures of what we have been up to. In Mars we have been looking at symmetry, and making up stories ! the children have been designing their own stain glass windows as we have been learning about churches.


Our Garden area has been flourishing with all the rain and the watering by  the children !  Here we are picking and preparing our lettuce to eat


We have been making water splash paintings using sugar and water and then even more  butterflies !


More people who help us

Welcome back everyone for the last half of the summer term.

We have been very lucky to have yet another visitor to FSU who helps us in their job. We have been looking at the role of the Paramedic. The children have been asking questions to find out information.

What things can  you recall from the visit?


Not everyone is keen to help …. we are reading the story of The Little Red Hen this week, Did The Little Red Hen do the right thing by not sharing the bread? What would you have done and why?

Fire fighters

Fire Fighters 

This week we are looking at the role of the fire fighters. We have been learning about the uniform and the equipment they need to do their job and keep everyone safe. 

We have been finding our FIRE EXIT signs, and remembering what we have to do if the Fire alarm goes off in school to be safe.


Take a look and listen carefully at this video clip –

Can you name 5 items you would find on a fire engine, or what a fire fighter needs for their  job.  Make a list and bring it in to show your teacher ! ( MME badge)

Well done to Mars for taking part in our run every day (Miles in May !)  We can see your running and fitness is improving. Keeping that steady pace is so important!


  • SAY  and WRITE Capital letters ( adults call them out ) How many in 3 minutes ?
  • Play bingo – use your ABC mat and counters/pennies to hide  the letter name when called out.




Welcome Back !

We  hope you have had a great Easter break and you are ready for even  more fun learning!

Congratulation to Harmony-Lilly  for her outstanding  attitude and progress in her learning this term. Harmony -Lilly has impressed us all with her  ‘I’m determined to learn that  and impress you’ attitude in all areas of her learning. She is so determined to , she takes  herself off  and  perseveres until she has reached her goal every day.

100% attendance is a great achievement  too, so well done  to everyone in Mars who received their certificate.

We explored the meaning of EASTER  through stories and activities and had a little extra fun  with egg rolling and an EASTER Bonnet Parade raising money for our school fund. Thank you to everyone who took part.



Science week

Mars children have been learning about tunnels. We have looked at images of the ‘channel tunnel’. Our challenge was to build a tunnel, you have to be able to go through it !


Miss Crump’s group have been testing different liquids to see which one will go down the board the fastest. We all had a good guess and were surprised to see the result! Why not have a go at some experiments at home and tell us your results ?

Have a go at these additions what do you notice ?

2+1=             1+2 =

3+1  =           1+3 =

4+1 =           1+4 =

5+1 =           1+5 =