Our week!

This week was very busy for us. In our meeting we have been looking on the interent for new equipment to have in the playground. We want to do this as soon as possible. Some ideas we have are:

  • a new storage area for outside equipment
  • new outisde equipment to play with at lunchtimes
  • bike and scooter racks near the shelters
  • a stage area for singing and dancing
  • outside seating for reading area or space to ‘Chill and Chat’
  • learning boards attached to the fences
  • have a ‘Priory Working Party’ with staff, parents and children to fix and paint the huts.

Tell us what you think. Do you have any ideas? What would you like to have in the playground?

3 thoughts on “Our week!

  1. All we think is that we need to redo the markings on the floor and the picnic area benches need to be more stable and I could be more colourful

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