Fundraising and Charity Work!

On Monday the School Council met with the Debating club to discuss and debate their thoughts on fundraising and charity work. It was a great debate with lots of reasons being given on if we should give our money (whatever we have) to charities! We would live to hear about what you think,

Here are some of the questions we debated:

Should we give  our money to charities only in our country or charities around the world and why?

Is there something else we could give other than money?

Could we raise money doing different things other than asking for spare pennies etc?

Do we trust the charities we give the money to? How do we know it’s going to where or what they say it is?

One idea that came up was for each house team to support a different charity. It would be their responsibility to pick the charity and fundraiser for them. What do you think to that idea rather than keep sponsoring a child through World Vision?

Please let us know what you think! 🙂

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