Monthly Archives: October 2015

Fundraising and Charity Work!

On Monday the School Council met with the Debating club to discuss and debate their thoughts on fundraising and charity work. It was a great debate with lots of reasons being given on if we should give our money (whatever we have) to charities! We would live to hear about what you think,

Here are some of the questions we debated:

Should we give  our money to charities only in our country or charities around the world and why?

Is there something else we could give other than money?

Could we raise money doing different things other than asking for spare pennies etc?

Do we trust the charities we give the money to? How do we know it’s going to where or what they say it is?

One idea that came up was for each house team to support a different charity. It would be their responsibility to pick the charity and fundraiser for them. What do you think to that idea rather than keep sponsoring a child through World Vision?

Please let us know what you think! ūüôā

Junior Council

This week  Emma and Dylan, our Worksop Junior Council representatives, have been asking the school council and the rest of the pupils in school, to help them in their project before their next meeting.

They would like to know your views about any clubs you do outside of school, in and around the Worksop community.

What do you do? Where do you attend the clubs? Are they fun? Could they be improved?

If you have anything further you would like to add please post on here for them to see!

What we have been up to so far!!!!

We have got off to a great start this term.

Mrs Dorrington asked us to think about new things we could add to the 100 lists or some that could be changed. We came up with a list  and also asked our classes if they had any ideas. Please blog us to let us know if there are any other ideas that you have come up with!

We have also been writing to local supermarkets and businesses ¬†to ask for donations to fill the shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child!. Don’t forget that this will be happening soon, so you can make your own or join us in Twilight club with Mrs Hurt to make one.

Our chair person Emma Rowley, in Year 6, is also part of the Worksop Junior Council. In Mondays meeting she will be asking the School Council to help her with a project that she and her Junior Council partner Dylan Hughes are involved with. They will need your help, so keep posted and we will let you know next week what they need us to do.